How to Display iPhone Pictures on Your Apple TV

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The newest version of Apple’s Apple TV device is specifically designed to interact with the company’s own iPhone in a number of interesting ways. For example, on older versions of the Apple TV you would have to actually sync photographs to the device in order to view them on your television set.

The syncing process was similar to the one you would go through to sync photos to an iPod, iPad or iPhone via a computer. Now, however, you can instantly display your iPhone pictures on your Apple TV device just by making sure that both devices are connected to the same wireless network.

Step 1

Connect both your Apple TV set top box and your iPhone to the same wireless network. If you don’t have a wireless network set up in your home, you won’t be able to send your iPhone pictures to your Apple TV using these methods. To connect your iPhone, tap the “Settings” application on your device and select the “Wi-Fi” option. Select the appropriate network and input the password if prompted.

To connect your Apple TV to the same network, turn on your television and Apple TV and select the “Settings” application from the device’s main screen. Select the name of the same Wi-Fi network that you connected your iPhone to and input the password if prompted before continuing.

Step 2

Enable the “Home Sharing” feature on your Apple TV. On your Apple TV, enter the “Settings” application and select the menu option reading “Computers.” Locate the option labeled “Home Sharing” and use the Apple TV remote to input your Apple user ID and password information to enable the feature on your device.

Step 3

Open the “Photos” application on your iPhone and select the photo that you want to display on your television set using Apple TV. The photo will now display on your device’s screen.

Step 4

Tap the button labeled “AirPlay” at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. Select the option labeled “Apple TV” from the box that appears.

Step 5

Wait a few seconds. The photo that you had previously selected on your iPhone will now display on your television thanks to your Apple TV. You can continue to scroll through pictures on your iPhone and immediately send them to your Apple TV using these methods.

And that’s it. Being able to connect your Apple TV with your iPhone and other Apple gadgets is fantastic and just another great way we can integrate our Apple gadgets at home.

This is a guest post.  Sam Jones, the author, can’t wait until he can play iPhone games on his Apple TV.


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