How to Keep Your iPhone Safe

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If you own an iPhone, then you know what an investment it is. That tiny piece of technology can pack a big punch to your pocket book, and what’s more is that it carries a vast amount of very valuable (priceless, even) information. So, how do you go about protecting your investment? Here is a guide for how to keep your iPhone safe:

Don’t use your iPhone near water. Sure, it may be second nature to talk on the phone while you are doing the dishes, or to set your iPhone next to the pool when taking a swim, but these seemingly harmless activities can cause irreversible damage, or even death, to your iPhone. Accidents happen, and when it comes to your iPhone, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Keep your iPhone away from the water.

Be conscientious of where you put your phone. You know the old saying, “a place for everything, and everything in its place?” Well, this should definitely apply to your iPhone. Your phone isn’t very big, and it can be easy to misplace if you aren’t conscious of where you put it when you are done with it. It’s not uncommon for people to find a lost cell phone in the strangest place – like in the refrigerator or medicine cabinet – and all because they weren’t thinking when they set it down. Get into the habit of always putting your phone in the same place when you aren’t using it – a purse pocket or charger, for example – and you will always know where your phone is.

Use an iPhone case. No matter how careful you are with your iPhone, you will inevitably drop it at some point. As iPhone screens can crack after even a measly one foot drop, you shouldn’t take any chances by not enclosing your iPhone in a protective case. When it comes down to it, any type of case will do, but rubber iPhone cases are the best, as nothing beats rubber out in regards to shock absorption.

Download anti-theft apps. There are a number of great apps that protect your iPhone and the data stored in it, should it get lost or stolen. These apps vary in functionality, but features to look for include remote access, GPS location, pin code locking, and remote use monitoring.

As you can see, there are some very simple and practical measures you can take to protect your iPhone. You are well aware of how costly an iPhone can be, and how priceless the data in your iPhone is. Therefore, you should take no chances when it comes to keeping your iPhone safe.

This is a guest post.  Moises Vennes always uses iPhone cases and accessories to keep his phone safe from spills and falls. He currently still has the iPhone 3 and hopes to upgrade to the newest release later this month.

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