How to Look After Solar Panels

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Image by OregonDOT via flickr

Image by OregonDOT via flickr

If you are thinking of investing in some cheap solar panels, but are put off by the thought of having to maintain them, then you really should not worry.

Solar panels are very easy to maintain and can be done quite easily by anyone. Where the solar panels are located in your home will dictate exactly how easy it is.

You may need some ladders if they are on your roof, and you may also need to take some precautions before climbing up. If the solar panels are at ground level, then you will find looking after them is as easy as sweeping up leaves and watering the garden. There really is not a lot to it!

Why do you need to check?

There are a lot of things which can affect the efficiency of your solar panels. Having your solar panels overshadowed by a tree or building can have an effect on your efficiency.

Lots of cloud cover can also affect it, and even a build-up of dust and dirt can have quite a significant effect.

If you maintain and clean your solar panels on a regular basis, then you will help to keep your solar power system running at an optimal level and help to get as much electricity from the sun as is possible.

By taking a few minutes of your time on a regular basis, you can look after your system and make sure that you do not need to look for cheap solar panels for sale, for a long time to come!

Regular Checks

When you get solar panels installed in your home or business, then you should get yourself in the habit of checking these regularly.

This is a lot easier done if the panels are located on ground level, but if your solar panels are on your roof, even just a quick visual inspection will help you to make sure everything is as it should be.

You can do this from the ground, but it is better if you can get closer to the solar panels. You will need to look for any damage to the surface of the panel or any movement of the panels.

This can happen during storms, especially if there are strong winds about. Look for any loose wires or cables, which could result in the panels moving in the wind.

A quick visual check once a week is a great habit to get into. It should help to make sure that your system is working at its optimal capacity.

Cleaning the Panels

You will need to clean your solar panels regularly to make sure that they catch as much sunlight as possible. The regularity that you clean the panels will depend on where you live and the local environment.

In sandy and dusty conditions, you may find that you need to clean more regularly than if you lived in the green countryside. Cleaning is really quite easy though, and the first step you will need to take is to get yourself a clean brush.

You will need to clean the surface of the panel with your brush, sweep off any of dirt or grime, which has built up on the surface. Once this is done, you will need to get yourself some water; this can be either hot or cold.

Add some mild cleaning fluid, such as dish washing liquid, if the panels are very dirty. Then take a clean cloth and wash the solar panel with the cloth and liquid. Once you have the panels all clean and shiny, then you will need to dry them off.

Chamois leather is great for drying off the solar panels, and you can pick one of these up at most stores that sell car accessories and cleaning products.

Using a Qualified Electrician

You should also get your system checked out on a regular basis if you have completely removed yourself from the grid and are selling electricity back to the utilities company.

Even if you just have a standard system, it is wise to get a qualified electrician to check everything out every couple of years or so. This can help prevent major problems in the future and can also help to save you money in the long run.

Out of all of the other alternative energy solutions that are currently available, Solar Power is the most environment-friendly and also easiest to maintain.

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