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online-salesFrom the atom bomb, to airplanes and televisions, technology has undoubtedly progressed at an incredibly fast rate over the past hundred or so years.

Amongst the perks we gain from technology however, is the ability to sell our old products.

From unused televisions to mobile phones and old computer parts, we can make a great deal of money through selling our tech products. Here is a guide on how to make money off technology.

Utilise the Internet

Unless you know a fool willing to pay over the odds for one of your products, your best bet is to sell on the internet as the market is greater online and in regards to selling to a stranger, more secure.

Websites such as Ebay and Amazon are notorious for giving users a platform and market to sell second hand goods.

It is also wise to use the internet in order to check how much the product you’re willing to sell is generally being sold for, in order for you to not under or over price.

Sell only that which isn’t used

Second hand technology goods can be worth hundreds of pounds. For this reason, it is tempting for many to simply sell what they can in order to make a quick buck. However, the trick is only to sell that which you do not use.

For example, it’ll be a bit pointless for me to sell my iPhone which I still use all the time for £300, when I just bought it for £500 earlier on in the year. If I were to do so, I wouldn’t exactly be able to claim I just made money off technology, as I failed to utilise the cost by which I bought the product.

However, if I were to have a product I have bought and used for a long time, or a product which I no longer use at all, it would be wise to opt for mobile phone recycling and attempt to make a bit of cash from it.

Selling practically everything you can isn’t canny, but selling what you can afford to sell is smart.

Vintage Goods Are Worth More

As previously mentioned, we human beings have a rather strange relationship with technology. Technology has helped many of us through special periods in our lives and as such we hold certain nostalgia with specific products.

It is therefore wise to keep onto the most popular and highly prized tech products for a long, long time before attempting to sell it as these will likely become known as ‘classic’ and ‘vintage’ tech goods and anything associated with the word ‘classic’ will be worth a lot in years to come.

For example, a second hand golden coloured limited edition of an N64 costs over a hundred pounds today, despite being over a decade old.

This is a guest post.  Eron Matthews is a tech copy writer who thinks that mobile phone recycling is the best thing since sliced bread.

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