How to Practice Golf Without Playing Golf

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golf-swingGolf is a highly addictive game at least partly due to how satisfying it is to see ourselves gradually improving and getting better over time.


Improving your handicap feels almost like ‘levelling up’ in a computer game, and immediately after taking almost any shot there’s an immediate urge to go again to see if you can do it better (which is what makes driving ranges so popular).


As such then a love for golf tends to be something that we take quite seriously and it comes with a lot of practicing and training. After all they do say that practice makes perfect…


But while you might want to practice your golf game as much as possible it can sometimes be a little tricky seeing as it’s a sport that requires so much open space – swinging a golf club on the commute to work just isn’t sociable and most of us don’t have space to set up a golf course in our garden. So how can you get your fix? Here are a few ways you can practice golf without necessarily actually having to play…


Computer Games

You might laugh at the idea that computer games can improve your golf game, but these days they can actually come very close to mimicking the experience. This is particularly true if you’re using the Wii or the Xbox Kinect which use motion sensors to capture your swing and render the gameplay appropriately. This might not be entirely accurate but it does give you a way to practice shooting, and at the same time it’s a lot of fun.


Swinging in the Garden

If you want to be king of the swingers then it can be very effective to do just that and practice swinging the club without actually hitting a ball. If you’ve just received a brand new Callaway Razr and you’re gagging to have a go with it, then take it into the garden and practice swinging to get a feel for the weight and the length. If you then visualize the trajectory of the ball this can be almost as good as actually playing.



And if there isn’t space to swing a club where you are? Then you can actually even benefit from using entirely visualization to practice your technique. It’s not as good as playing of course, but when you swing you’ll find you actually cause the same neural networks in your brain to fire almost as though you really were which will enable you to train your muscle memory.


Of course you can also just practice swinging in your room by holding your hands in position as though you were holding a club, and if nothing else this can help to get you into the routine of making all the checks on your check list.


Putting Greens

Getting a putting green for your home or office is a great way to practice putting and can be a fun way to while away the hours while at the same time honing your skills – it’s not just the swing you need to perfect!


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