How to Protect Your Family from Cyberbullying

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Is your child being harassed online? Are you worried that there are, or someday might be? About 40 percent of kids say someone has been mean to them online at one time or another. In 2011, more than 1 million kids were cyberbullied. Cyberbullying is no simple matter, either.

It can lead to serious consequences, such as kids dropping out of school, depression, anxiety or other mental health problems and even suicide in some cases. But kids don’t always understand the ramifications of their online actions. In fact, most kids just do it for fun or to be viewed by their peers as “cool.” And just 38 percent of kids say they consider the effect cyberbullying can have on the reputations of others.

Parents—as well as children—need to understand the potential consequences of cyberbulling, whether their kids are a potential bully or potential victim. Parents should be teaching their kids how to block predators and bullies from their phones and learn to identify the signs of cyberbullying. Take a look at the following infographic for more facts on cyberbullying and ways you can prevent it from happening to your kids.

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