How To Set Up Screen Protector On IPad Mini

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iPad Screen Protector

The need for good quality screen protector.

When you buy an iPad Mini, you want to use it at its optimum. It is needless to say that the iPad Mini is a terrific and user friendly device that a great number of users all over the world are embracing.

If you are one of them and you really want to make good use of the gadget, it is highly advisable to take advantage of various iPad accessories that make it convenient and safer to use. Having the right accessories to go with your iPad will give you plenty of benefits.

There is a wide range of iPad accessories available on the market. For example, there are different brands of cases and screen protectors for this gadget and a lot more. All of these give ample protection to your gadget so long as you purchase the right one.

The screen protector is one of the most popular accessories as it guards the iPad screen from scratches, dents and all forms of damages. Aside from knowing how to buy the right type, it is also essential to know how you are going to apply this to the device itself.

What to look for in a screen protector?

What to look for in a screen protector?

Importance of Quality Screen Protector
Although the process of installing screen protectors for iPad Mini involves precise work and can be a bit frustrating at times, having a great quality screen guard will make you happier with your device.

Primarily, it will be protected from all sorts of surface marring and scratching. Also, the right screen guard will protect your device from annoying finger prints that may be present on the screen.

Plus, it will also reduce the amount of glare that your eyes will endure so having a reliable screen guard has plenty of advantages.

Screen Protector Overview
There are countless screen guards for iPad Mini that can be purchased on the market. However, you need to be discerning so that you will arrive at the best product possible. Essentially, here are some qualities that you need to look for when shopping for screen protectors:

  • Transparency – Basically, the screen protector needs to be totally transparent so that it can offer the best protection to your device without changing its actual appearance. The best screen protectors for iPad devices come with a unique technology that enables users to view the screen like there is no protector on it. This ensures maximum screen visibility.
  • Protection – Of course, you should get hold of a screen protector that can provide the best protection to your device without affecting the functionality of its touch screen. It is also advisable to look for lightweight and thin screen protector for optimal protection which keeps the device in top shape.
  • Installation – Screen protector application should be quick and easy. Some screen protectors out there are hard to install. So, make sure that you will purchase the one that comes with fast and guaranteed installation.

Steps in installing iPad Mini Screen Protector
Installing screen protector for iPad Mini
Applying the iPad Mini screen protector is very easy if you follow these instructions thoroughly. So, take a look at these basic steps:

  • Make sure you clean your device with the cleaning wipe that comes with the screen protector package.
  • Peel off the screen guard from the backing and gently press it to the screen of your iPad. Make sure you lay it evenly and in the right direction. Place the guard slowly to ensure right placement on the device.
  • Use the smoothing card that comes with the package in order to push away air or bubbles as well as creases. Push the bubbles using gentle pressure going downwards.
  • Try to use the device and see if the screen protector offers the best view, sensitivity and functionality.


Screen protector installation tips

Screen protector installation tips

Helpful Installation Tips

  • Installation may not be perfect as always, but following these helpful tips when it comes to installation will ensure a smooth installation process. There may be some issues during installation. The formation of bubbles on the screen guard can be minimized by making sure your device is free from all sorts of icky particles or dust on the glossy screen. This can be done by using the special cleaning cloth that comes with the screen protector. Using a regular piece of cloth may not get rid of the dirt completely which may lead to a total mess during the process.
  • Essentially, air bubbles can affect the precision and touch sensitivity of your device so making sure that you properly clean your iPad prior to installation. There are a lot of quality custom iPad screen protectors on the market and most of the good ones have glare reducing and anti smudge properties that make installation a breeze. Take time to look for these and you will have the best protection for your iPad Mini.
  • Moving forward, ensure that you do not rush when applying the screen protector. It is important to remember that it is not as easy as peeling the backing and laying it down on the surface. Make sure the surface is cleaned perfectly and it should be free from dust and dirt. It is also suggested to have a scotch tape at hand to grab pesky things and hairs from the surface. Usually, screen protector packages come with some sort of smoothening card, but you may also make use of credit card or some type of identification card to smooth away bubbles that may be present on the guard during installation.
  • There are actually a great number of iPad Mini screen protectors on the market. These can be found online at stores like SFPlanet, eBay and more as well as tons of physical stores out there. It is up to you where you would buy. Just make sure that you will get hold of a really good one.
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