How to Solve a Cellular Signal Problem

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mobile-phoneGot an important call and the cell phone suddenly cuts out? Ouch! What do you do?

  • Find a high place and stick your phone in the air to “catch” a signal?
  • Look desperately for a signal tower?
  • Ask someone else if you can power the signal from their phone?

More than 72% of Americans experience dropped calls, and 32% suffer dropped called more than a few times a week, according to a recent survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Weak signals can be caused by:         

  • Rural open spaces far from base stations
  • Building construction materials than block signals
  • Building size and its contents that block signals
  • Multipath Interference, often called “dead zones” where waves can take different paths as they bounce off interfering obstacles
  • Wave lengths that cannot travel through the ionosphere

We are all going to experience drop calls, or maybe not. There may be a solution as close as your shirt pocket. It’s called a bi-directional amplifier (BDA) or cell phone repeater or wireless cellular signal booster. It can be just like having a cell tower in your pocket, and can even add life to your cell phone battery, by reducing the power it takes to send a signal.

Сellphone signal booster act a little like the old TV antennas that used to be on every roof top, but better. They expand range, provide power to amplify a weak signal, and help secure call connections. They can improve signal by at least a bar or two, and maybe enough to overcome the annoying obstacles that can block an important call.

Wilson Electronics is a leading manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters, both mobile and in-building. Costs range from $270 to $300, but the investment may be worth it if your cell phone has become your right hand life saver.

Many signal boosting devices have external antennas that look for signals come from signal towers, along with amplifiers which use its power to push and pull a signal from the tower.

Make sure you get the best signal for the buck by only signal booster with:

  • Exterior antennas. An antenna in a case can become a signal obstacle.
  •  A direct link to your cell phone. Come cell phones are very picky about who they let improve their signal.
  • Offer convenient accessories like an amplifier cradle kit.
  • Buy a real signal adapter. Don’t settle for cheap solutions like foil stickers or attaching aluminum foil to your cell phone. One website even suggests that putting a wireless adapter into a clean soup can help boost a signal. Really?  Have you tried making a DIY tin foil reflector to create a parabolic around an antenna? Who hasn’t?
  • A great customer service department. You are going to have questions and you want them answered to your satisfaction.

You’ll find the best variety of signal booster kits at Wilson Amplifiers, an authorized Wilson Electronics distributors since 2011. Wilson Cellular products power more than a million phone world-wide.

Live Cell Equals Happy Thoughts (afterword)

Been working on this project for months, and the day has come for me to pitch my company’s future to that mega-client, but I’m stuck in traffic, and I have to call my boss to let him know where I am. I’ve tried 3 times to call, but I’m in a dead zone and my cell phone might as well be a plastic fish sitting my lap.

As my future disappears farther off into the sunset and my cab moves like a snail I wish I had bought that signal booster from Wilson Amplifiers while I was up on their website.

I’m now part of the 72% of Americans who may get stuck with a deadly dropped call every day, and I’m hating life, when I should be celebrating.

The following week I’m on a subway train heading to my rescheduled appointment. This time I’m early and I want to call my boss to assure him I’m on my way. I’m watching other cell callers shake their phones and hold them close to a window, hoping for that magic signal to come back. They are swearing. I am smiling. My signal, amplified by my new Tri-Band 4G-V signal boosting kit, goes through the first time, and my boss is happy.

Do I feel the train moving a little faster?


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