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How You Can Finally Get That Facebook Page Set-up And Online In Minutes

Social Networking [1]

Social Networking is the cornerstone of good business in 2012 and beyond

Have you wanted to join Facebook [2], but keep putting it off because you just aren’t a ‘computer person’? I hear this complaint a lot and whenever I do I always respond with a ‘just do it and you will quickly see how easy it can be’.

The fact is that Facebook had 901 million monthly active users at the end of March 2012 (the last reported data) and not all of them were computer geniuses, anyone can use Facebook. The company is now on track to reach 1 Billion members, can you just imagine what you would do with a membership roster of 1 Billion? The average marketers will never see that many members on their own platforms, but who says that you have to be average anyway? 

In order to set-up a basic Facebook account just pull up www.Facebook.com [3] and visit the right side of the page. Fill in the information and choose your password. When entering the password make sure to type it in carefully and write it down since you will only enter it once during the set-up.  If you are putting up a page for an actor, musician, band, or business, there is a separate procedure and it can be done from inside of a main account, for now continue with the basic set-up.

The next page will ask that you to confirm the email used, to do this simply go to your email and click the link provided to confirm.

That is all you need to do and your page will now appear as www.Facebook.com/YourUserName [4] and can be seen by the world. Make a note of this address so that you can share it with anyone you like, no one else will ever have the same user address so this really is unique to you.

Now that you’re on Facebook it is time to start creating your network.

If you were to just try friending everyone you see then you will just be spamming and nothing will get you booted from Facebook faster than using spam or black hat tactics to build your own list. Facebook is about communication in both personal and business related matters; keep them separate in order to send the right message to all of your followers. You should have a business (or appropriate choice) page up and ready to show the world your expertise on your chosen subject or to tell them why you should be famous already.

In the next article we will discuss how to create a fan page, business page, or your own personal timeline page. Don’t worry; none of this is difficult if you just take it one step at a time.

Many people will tell you how difficult this all is and how you would need a masters to understand it all, don’t believe it.

In fact, just do not let social networking intimidate you because you can do this, and anything else you put your mind to.

For now, go enjoy the Facebook page that you just created and explore the many possibilities shared through this great network.

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This is a guest post – Liz Calamusa [7] is a published author as well as an expert in Online Business practices. Liz’s work can be found on many well-respected websites as well as an ongoing series of business manuals that is causing quite a stir due to the very different approach she has taken.