Introducing, The Nano SIM Cards for Thinner Mobiles

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Thinner mobile phones are now possible, thanks to a new SIM card called the nano-SIM.

The nano-SIM Card

Gadgets, chips, cards or anything with a “nano” before it usually indicates something small or minute. Before, nanotechnology was only available for industrial, scientific and cosmic endeavors, but now mobile users can make the most out of nanotechnology. Giesecke & Devrient, a German company, introduced the nano-SIM, a SIM card which would make more room for additional phone memory and thinner batteries, meaning thinner phones can now be produced in the future.

Vital statistics for the nano-SIM:it is only 12 millimeters by 9 millimeters, it is 1/3 smaller than the microSIM, which is the smallest SIM card available on the market. The nano-SIM is smaller than the ordinary SIM card by a whopping 60%. According to its makers, the nano-SIM is almost 15% thinner than the current SIM card models.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

What can the nano-SIM do for the future of mobile phones? First the nano-SIM can enable the production of thinner phones, creating mobile phones that are more convenient to carry and probably more appealing for consumers. The bulky size and the heavy weight of current mobile phone models is a major turn off among consumers. With a thinner SIM, manufacturers can produce a phone which is slimmer and sleeker.

This design is seen to suit popular models of smart phones. Smart phones can provide users with almost limitless services, but their major pitfall is their bulk. The nano-SIM, with its minute size, allows future models to be lesser in size and bulk.

The Nano-SIM Might be Too Small to Handle

With such a small size, handling and shipping can become an issue. The small size of the SIM may make it vulnerable to damages from shipping or even from user handling. To manage this impending issue, the makers of the nano-SIM structured it in the same way that standard SIM cards follow. Despite its small size, the nano-SIM can still be delivered to the user in an ID-1 frame, the type of frame utilized by standard SIM cards. In this form, the SIM card is then safe to transport or ship to any part of the world.

Would it Work the same as the Current SIM Cards?

Makers of the nano-SIM manufactured it so that it would have a performance compatible to the standard and current SIM cards. It can enable SIM card services and SIM plans, so when searching for plans remember to compare the best SIM deals.

However, there is an issue when it comes to the compatibility of the SIM cards with the current phone models. Although experts suggest that users can use SIM adapters to make the nano-SIM compatible with their current phone model, Nano-SIM cards may only be compatible with nano phones and future models of smart phones. Standardizing the design of the nano-SIM to make it beneficial to a wide range of consumers is still in the works.

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