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Your iPad can be invaluable to you as you pursue your master’s degree in education, but it can also go beyond college and into the classroom with you. You can find dozens of ways to incorporate the iPad into your lessons and classroom activities. If you’ve recently graduated or will be graduating soon, there are iPad apps that you should plan on using in your classroom. Here are the top classroom and educational apps available for iOS:

Teacher’s Assistant Pro

Classroom and student observation are an important part of every teacher’s day. Instead of jotting down notes by hand, use this app to keep track of students’ infractions, achievements and behaviors. The customizable app allows teachers to not only document students’ behavior, but teachers can send reports to administrators and parents instantly.

Free Books

Any teacher worth their salt knows that books are an important part of any classroom. This app gives teachers access to over 23,000 books with a library that is still growing. The variety of books available on the app is amazing. Teachers will have access to everything from the writings of American presidents to the historical works of influential thinkers. With the wide selection of books, teachers of any subject will find the app beneficial.


Teachers are in the unique position of working at school and working at home. Because teachers often take their work home with them, documents, notes and reports are typically scattered among different computers. Dropbox allows teachers to sync all of their information and important documents, ensuring that no report is lost or destroyed by a virus.


This application allows teachers to make unique handouts, assignments, tests, quizzes and presentations. The app is Apple’s own word processing software and is capable of everything from creating documents to sharing them. Teachers can incorporate photos, videos and graphs into their creations, making them interesting and more visually effective.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Science teachers will find this application an invaluable classroom tool. Chemistry classes will be taken to a whole new level with the use of The Elements. Every element is listed in the application along with information, rotating visuals, videos of experiments, computations and market values. Wear 3D glasses while viewing the information and the elements will come to life like never before.

LanSchool Teacher’s Assistant

As technology becomes a major component of the classroom, teachers are forced to monitor children using computers and those who aren’t at the same time. Teacher’s Assistant can monitor computer use for teachers, block offensive screens, limit what students can do on their computers and even provide individualized assistance. Teacher’s Assistant acts as a second set of eyes for teachers in the classroom, ensuring that all students are monitored no matter what activity they are involved in.

If you have an iPad and are pursuing your master’s in education, be sure to download some of these applications now. The more familiar you are with the apps, the better you’ll be able to utilize them in your classroom. Remember that these are only a handful of the hundreds of apps that are out there for teachers. Take a look on iTunes and see what you can find. You may be surprised at how many educational apps have been created to assist teachers in the classroom.

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