iPad vs Laptop: Pros & Cons

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iPad vs LaptopMuch of this debate will depend on your personal needs and wants. There are, of course, pros and cons of each iPad vs. laptop. Take the time to evaluate your uses/needs of the system before you research, so that you are well aware of what limitations an iPad may have vs. a laptop.

iPad Pro’s vs. Laptop

  • Size of iPad is much easier to carry with you everywhere compared to a laptop.
  • Easier to operate on the go, again due to size. You can use it easier in more places than a laptop.
  • Instant on and stays connected to internet while in sleep mode, so you still get notifications.
  • You can purchase a case with a Bluetooth keyboard that would suffice for typing and document creation.
  • They are perfect for students in classes, but they still need access to something that word processes and prints.
  • If you just want something for keeping in touch, messaging, emailing and surfing the web then an iPad vs. a laptop is perfect.

  • It is also a great tool if you are like a friend of mine, who buys & sells things: he extensively uses craigslist.org and he purchases cars, trucks, etc. Uses his iPad for instant photos that can be immediately emailed, or uploaded into ads.
  • For reading eBooks an iPad is perfect. While you can still use a laptop, the size makes it not as comfortable.
  • iPads have higher pixels in the screen and are easier to look at for long periods of time.
  • Battery life is much better for an iPad vs. laptops.
  • Price point: iPad is cheaper, especially if you do not need the keyboard and mouse.
  • If you already use Apple products they will sync easier with an iPad. And you are already used to the iOS.
  • Storage issues have been addressed by cloud technology, so you can store or backup your data online. This is very handy if you have other Apple products that you backup to cloud. You can start a document on your computer, edit it from your iPad, access it from your iPhone, etc.


 Laptop Pro’s vs. iPad

  • If you do an extensive amount of typing or printing, you really would want a laptop.
  • If you need to print documents very often it is much easier from a laptop. An iPad only has printing capabilities in some apps and only with the proper printer.
  • Anyone who does much video or photo editing would need a laptop over an iPad.
  • An iPad does not have MS Office for spreadsheets, macros, long documents to process.
  • Laptops are better ergonomically.
  • Laptops are more compatible with other devices and peripherals.
  • If you are not already an Apple user a laptop will not force you to learn a whole new iOS.
  • If you are a gamer and you do not use a desktop, you will definitely want a laptop vs. an iPad, depending on the games you play.

All-in-all I do not think that an iPad can replace a laptop, personally. I think they have excellent uses and can be a great addition to your electronics family if you are very busy or a student and need portability.

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