iPhone 5 – A Market Gone Mad

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Stores around the planet opened their doors at midnight earlier this week as the latest mobile handset from Apple, the iPhone 5 went on sale. Apple is one of the major success stories of the mobile and tablet market, and despite the fact that only around 15% of mobiles in the UK are Apple products, the brand has a bigger buzz around it than any other. If someone in your house has an iPhone 5 on their list for Christmas present time, is it worth the investment?


Apple products are not cheap. The cheapest packages available in the UK come in at around £270 for the handset, then a monthly charge of £35 for calls, texts and internet usage. Minimum contract length is 24 months. As a comparison, the latest handset from Samsung, the Galaxy S III costs £109 for the handset and £29 per month. Is the extra cost really worth it just to have the Apple logo on the back of the handset? Die-hard Apple fans would say it most certainly is, but given that the Samsung, Nokia and other handsets can do the same things as the iPhone, for many the expense is hard to justify.


The iPhone 5 has several differences from previous incarnations of the handset. It is lighter and thinner than previous iPhones and has a larger screen. People who like watching movies or using apps on their phone feel that the higher resolution screen is a great improvement on other handsets on the market. Apple have also switched to their own mapping software instead of using Google maps, and these maps have had teething problems, leading many Apple fans to demand a return to the Google system. A new connector has also been introduced, which means that many cables used to link iPod, iPhones, tablets and chargers are now redundant and users will have to go out and buy a whole new set.


All of the major mobile networks and retailers are offering the iPhone 5 and the array of different packages and charges can be bewildering. The best starting point is with your current mobile phone package. Work out how many minutes of calling time, texts and internet you are using, and use these numbers as a base for looking at new iPhone charges. If you are prepared to pay a higher monthly charge, the price of the handset will come down, and vice versa. If you are tied in to a contract, consider just purchasing the handset and switching the SIM card from your current phone. Start looking now for deals in preparation for Christmas, as this is one of the hot gifts this year.


If someone you know is getting an iPhone, iPad or other piece of technology for a gift soon, they are likely to need all of the accessories such as covers, screen protectors and apps to run on it. Present Time UK produces some funky and individual iPad covers, which can also be used for other tablet computers. You can’t go wrong with vouchers for the Android App Store or iTunes, as the recipient can then buy music, games, or whatever they choose.

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