IPods Over Hot Rods

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Pagani Zonda Cinque RoadsterWhen most Americans get into high school they begin longing for that big day. Graduation, you ask? No.

How about prom? Not so much. Try getting their driver’s license.

Traditionally earning your license and specifically, having a car, are benchmarks in a teens life.  Granted it may not be that dream sports car you longed for but even a hand-me-down counts for a lot.

However, for today’s youth this is changing rapidly.  Millennial buyers, those youth ages 18- 24, have much more important things to think about then the cars they drive.

iPad’s, smartphones and mobile devices are much more attractive to youth today then having an impressive car.

One recent survey revealed that Millennials would much rather have access to the internet than to their own car. It’s a startling fact, especially if you are an automaker.

That being said, most Millennials do realize the need for an automobile and some are really into them. Those who are into cars are primarily looking for something different.

Diverging from the sports cars, trucks, muscle cars and convertibles of old, today’s youth place priority on smaller, compact and environmentally friendly cars. Green goes a long way in their buying decision.

The Ford Focus and Toyota Prius have had great sales and of course, the Mini Coupe is everywhere. Big and slick is out, urban and hip is in.

This trend is leaving automakers scratching their heads trying to come up with a way to market to the new generation. Most automakers are looking to social media to help solve their problems.

The internet has completely changed the world social dynamics. Now if you want to hang out with your friends, you can log onto your computer or send them a tweet on your smartphone.

It used to be you had to drive somewhere and physically spend time with them, thus cars were more important back then. Now who cares if you have a ten P.M. curfew when you go just hop onto your laptop and video chat?

Sadly, this trend has also brought a lot of problems with it as well. As consumers, especially Millennials, increase their demand to integrate technology and driving more and more it also becomes incredibly more dangerous.

Texting while driving has become a huge issue on the roads with numerous stories of accidents being caused due to this unsafe practice.

Many insurance companies even encourage a pledge not to text and drive. Consumers are now demanding more phone integration in cars as well.

The Department of Transportation is trying to rein it in. Ideas such as voice activation and phone docks are being developed but ultimately this all puts the auto industry in a tight bind.

After all, they don’t force drivers to use their phones will driving, isn’t it a personal choice? Are they not just responding to public demands?

The questions and dangers are numerous. In the end can the government or the automobile industry control an individual driver’s decision to use a phone while driving? No, but can they make it safer? It remains to be seen but they are doing their best.

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