Keep Those Films Forever – Tips For The Proper Care Of DVDs

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Couple Watching DVDsPerhaps it is the DVD of your wedding, your Christmas dinner or your first family holiday, or maybe is the box set with special features of your favourite film, or the footage of the first concert your band ever performed.

Either way, we all have those precious DVDs that we want to be able to watch over and over again for many years. However, although DVDs do last a long time they are not indestructible.

If the disks are treated harshly the fragile protective payer on them can be disturbed, which could cause the disk to fail to play.

If you want to ensure that your DVDs will last as long as possible and that you will be able to watch your films again and again, you will need to ensure that you store these discs properly.

A dream DVD collection can take years to amass and the discs might include footage that is irreplaceable, such as video of family and friends. Here are some very important tips to keep in mind whenever you are using DVDs.

If you take good care of your DVDs, you should be able to watch them decades in the future.

Handling the Discs

  • Always touch the DVD by the outer edge of the disc or the centre hole. Avoid putting your fingers on the main surface area of the disc.
  • If you are labelling DVDs, use a non-solvent felt tip permanent marker and write on the label side.
  • When you use the disc, make sure that you return it to its storage case directly after use so that it will not be damaged.
  • Leave the disc in its packaging so that it will be protected from dirt, dust and other environmental changes.

Cleaning the Discs

  • If you need to clean any dirt, fingerprints, smudges or foreign material from the DVDs, you can do so by wiping them clean with a piece of cotton fabric. Wipe with a straight line from the center of the disc toward the outer edge.
  • If the dirt on the disc is stubborn and will not come off, you can use isopropyl alcohol or a special DVD cleaning liquid to remove it.

 Storing the Discs

  • Make sure that your DVD collection is kept in a cool and dry climate.
  • Avoid placing the DVD shelf in an area that has direct sunlight exposure over time.
  • If you can, stand the DVD cases vertically, as this will lessen the damage over time.
  • When you place the DVD back into its case, check to make sure that the disc is completely secured within the case itself. If one of the teeth is broken or the disc hasn’t “clicked” into place, it could move around which will result in scratches.

Back Up Your Memories

These days, many people will have their family home videos in DVD format. If you have stored your precious home videos on DVD, you might want to also consider backing up the footage somewhere else.

Your DVDs will last for many years with proper care, but if for some reason they become damage you don’t want to lose those priceless memories. Back up the videos onto another media such as a flash drive or a portable hard drive and store them in another location away from the DVDs.

Some people even place a digital copy of these memories in their safe or safety deposit box; so that they know they will always be kept secure.

With the right care, you will be able to enjoy your DVDs well into the future.

Pipa Rose is a freelance writer and blogger. When she and her husband Carl were married recently, they had their wedding DVD produced by a DVD duplication company and sent out to all of their friends. They also backed up the video on a flash drive, as they never want to lose those precious memories. 

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