Key Takeaways For Entrepreneurs From A Tech Conference

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The Dallas Digital Summit makes for a vibrant conference center. Digital entrepreneurs and agencies get to interact with industry experts, who share their knowledge and wisdom. The conference comprehensively covers mobile, social, content SEO and UI design channels.

Now, here are the key takeaways for entrepreneurs from the 2012 Dallas Digital Summit. Remember, these rules apply for all entrepreneurs, and not just for tech-preneurs:

1. Entrepreneurs must be present at all important conferences and networking events because angel investors, venture capitalists, likely co-founders, and possible partners (like-minded folks) attend such events. Who knows what can happen if you make the right contact at the conference venue – all you have to invest is a couple of hundred bucks to get in!

2. Entrepreneurs must become an expert in their field to truly take advantage of a conference and their network. Your domain expertise will allow you to throw intelligent questions at important speakers and that will catch the attention of all participants who will start looking on you as some sort of semi-guru. You also must create a blog and post important stuff on it – blogs can help develop your personal brand. Also, you must keep interacting with people in your network and they in turn will spread the message that you are the cat’s whiskers.

3. Content is king and you can become an emperor if you can create and curate content. This rule holds true for all industries. Customers, investors, students, and the public are hungry for content and if you can scoop out interesting stuff from the daily fluff, or even create your own interesting content, then you will be in demand.

4. A customer, just like content, is king. You must make all efforts to retain existing customers and get new ones to walk in your door. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a B2B or B2C industry – it doesn’t matter how well entrenched you are –all that matters is your product and your customer service.

5. Finally, you must move fast and not be afraid of failures. Failures are a stepping stone to success and you must not allow them to drag you down. So, take quick decisions when you are convinced, and adapt fast to any new situation. Remember, technology becomes obsolete very fast and the only survivors are those who adapt.

These were the key takeaways from the 2012 Dallas Digital Summit Event. They may be plain common sense, but they do make for profound wisdom.

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