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Economic recession, job scarcity and inflation have made saving absolutely necessary for survival in the highly innovative world we are currently living in.

Saving on electronics like computers and computer software is no exception as organizations and individuals would be at a complete disadvantage if they did not stay current with the latest in computer software.

Buying your Discount OEM Computer Software Online

Saving is important for survival so if you need to find cheap computer software that is efficient, reliable and of a superb quality, then it would be in your best interest to buy discount OEM software. OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Discount OEM software is much cheaper than the computer software sold by retailers. This is owed to the fact that software producers always make two identical versions of the same computer software. The only difference is that they are geared for selling via two different distribution channels.

One of the channels is retailers who sell on a grand scale to the masses and the latter distribution channel, namely the OEM edition, is sold to system manufacturers on a smaller scale. Both retail computer software and OEM software are of excellent quality and the main reason why OEM software retains its low cost is because fewer frills are used in the packaging process, compared to the elaborate packaging of retail computer software.

Retail computer software is sold with installation manuals, driver as well as software CDs and this makes it more expensive if you take shipping costs into account. Discount software is also known as wholesale discount OEM software as you pay wholesaler prices for it and it is packaged in bulk.

Retail computer software is packed for individual software users and is more expensive as the packaging is embellished. Please be advised that this software comes with discount software licensing that does not always include a manufacturer’s warranty. If there is one, it may be considerably smaller or differ from the retail version.

Discounted computer software is also usually sold without driver CDs and software manuals.

Wholesale discount OEM software is comprehensive identical editions of its retail software counterparts. Both retail and OEM computer software are sold with Certificates of Authenticity, product keys and software installation discs. One marked difference is that when you buy OEM software, you are not entitled to any free technical support from the manufacturer.

Finding a discount software reseller online is not difficult as resellers have gone viral, like the majority of most businesses. However, there are specific criteria that need to be met when searching for an online reseller.

You need to make sure that the reseller has a good reputation, reliable customer support and it is always an advantage if there are incentive programs for customers. Please note that there is a marked difference between a distributor and a reseller.

Distributors in this context are retailers who sell the more expensive software packages on a grand scale to the public. The reseller operates on a smaller scale, selling cheaper wholesale OEM products to manufactures like Dell or HP, smaller more specialized establishments or to the individual.

Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec are some of the software big names to look out for in OEM products if you want to save.

Discount Symantec Software

This refers to the popular Norton Antivirus and Internet Security cyber protection range. With the rate at which cyber crime is escalating, it is important to protect your computer with a reputable Antivirus and security product, and Symantec has just what everyone needs for that. The best part is that you can get them at reduced prices when you buy via a discount software reseller.

The most popular Norton Antivirus software is currently Norton Antivirus 2013, Endpoint Protection SBE version 12.1 and Norton 360 2013 edition.

Norton Antivirus OEM packages sold at a discount via resellers are: Norton AntiVirus 2010, Norton AntiVirus 2011, Norton AntiVirus 2012, and Norton AntiVirus 2013.

Symantec Internet Security versions sold by resellers at a reduced cost to consumers are: Internet Security 2010, Internet Security 2011, Internet Security 2012, and Internet Security 2013.

Discount Microsoft Software

Microsoft is one of the leaders in computer software with several tailor-made packages. Staying abreast with Microsoft should be the priority of anybody who wants to stay current with the latest software trends. Remember that buying these products on a more affordable scale has now been made possible with the discount software reseller.

Here is a list of what Microsoft has to offer in Windows at a discount via software resellers:

1. Windows XP Home

2. Windows XP Professional

3. Windows Vista Home Premium

4. Windows Vista Business

5. Windows Vista Ultimate

6. Windows 7 Home Premium

7. Windows 7 Professional

8. Windows 7 Ultimate

9. Windows 8

10. Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft Office includes the following software programs:

1.Microsoft Access

2. Microsoft Word

3. Microsoft Excel

4. Microsoft Outlook

5. Microsoft PowerPoint

6. Microsoft Publisher and

Microsoft Office editions are currently sold at a discount by resellers in:

1. Office 2013

2. Office 2010

3. Office 2013 OLP

4. Office for Mac

5. Office 365 Subscriptions

6. Office 2003

7. Office XP 2002 and

8. Office 2007

Saving has never been easier since the advent of discounted computer software. Now you are able to enjoy the best computer software packages at wholesale prices.

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