Let’s Take The First Field Trip With Google Glass!

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A couple of weeks ago, Andrew Vanden Heuval takes students to Switzerland by way of Google Glass.

The press recognizes him as the first person to conduct a virtual trip of this magnitude through the eyes of these lenses.

Therefore, it’s time to learn a little more about him.

Andrew Vanden Heuval’s Biography

He is 28 years old, and he teaches Astronomy and Advanced Placement Physics at the Michigan Virtual School.

One of his objectives is to help prepare students for real life after graduation. After all, the expectation is that the future will change drastically from what everyone knows life to be now.

Recently, the Holland Sentinel asks Andrew Vanden Heuval if Internet-based learning is a helpful development for the future.

He says …“real life” looks less and less like a traditional classroom and more like the dynamic, technology-infused experience we provide in an online classroom.” He seems to expect technology in learning to advance much beyond that now with the use of the Internet.

Vanden Heuval currently teaches students using a computer and webcam connected to the Internet. He also takes advantage of the opportunity to incorporate Google Glass into his learning. A few weeks ago, he decides it’s field trip time. Off to Switzerland Vanden Heuval’s students go.

These young learners witness firsthand via the virtual lenses while Vanden Heuval guides them through a virtual tour of the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN). Here, students see the Large Hadron Collider for the first time. Yet, they are not physically present while viewing it.

Aside from teaching, Andrew Vanden Heuval works as an independent contractor. He makes apps in class and continues to develop high-tech interactive courses. He primarily targets schools that cannot offer advanced science glasses. Small towns often know him.

Vanden Heuval’s Biggest Accomplishments

He most recently holds the title of Teacher of The Year, an honor bestowed on him by the Michigan Virtual University. Faculty, parents, and associates also may know him as the one who discovers asteroids with his students. A YouTube video shows an account of a 2008 Racine asteroid citing, which is an event still talked about today.

Many people might also say that breaking though the walls of traditional learning should count as his biggest accomplishment. Not many teachers seem to impact students the way he has while teaching and engaging with students.

The classes he teaches from anywhere—including CERN—may be an experience students remember for life. No one usually finds in traditional classrooms the kind of instructions he gives in virtual classrooms.  After all, his limit of location transcends far beyond school walls and ceilings.

What’s Vanden Heuvel Up To Now?

He currently keeps very busy with visiting classrooms and inviting people to his live Google Hangout. He also posts regular updates on Google + and users are welcome to say hi to him anytime.

Hopefully he will schedule more live Hangouts like the one taking place on May 29th, 2013. Vanden Heuvel current hosts miniature math and science lessons via his Stembite broadcases on Google. He also continues to reach students who may not be mentally present in a traditional classroom but who pay attention in an online sesssion.


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