LG And Windows – An Unlikely Success Story

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LG Optimus 7Do you remember when Microsoft was at its peak and nearly dominated the computer market?

Most of you probably can! The rapid increase of the success of Apple brand products has rebalanced the computer and smart phone markets; however the fight for the top spot is not over just yet. Microsoft’s recipe for success may be the LG Optimus 7.

Like many large companies, Microsoft enjoyed a time of market dominance, and like many large companies, the failure to evolve quickly enough to meet consumer needs led to a significant decrease in that market share.

Although the transformation is in its’ infancy stage, the creation of this user friendly smart phone sheds a ray of light on the Microsoft Corporation, restoring hope within the company of a return to their glory days.

So, you are probably wondering, just what is this new phone and what makes it great; not to worry, I am going to cover all of the details for you here.


The LG Optimus 7

The quality of this product started within Microsoft’s engineering department. The highly skilled developers create a fast and responsive operating system that excels at being user friendly.

To ensure that this system always has what it needs to perform; Microsoft went a step further and set forth guidelines to control the minimum specifications of phones wishing to run this system. The result is the LG Optimus 7.


Although not required, LG took it upon themselves to craft a solid device to support this system. When you first get a glimpse of this phone, quality will be one of the first things that comes to mind.

This of course starts with the appearance, featuring a metal battery covering, protective camera lens cover and an overall solid feeling.

Average Run Time

Few things are more annoying than having to constantly charge your phone. Although not a leader in the field, you can expect to get about 48 hours of standby time from this phone.

Additionally, under average conditions, this phone is more than capable of staying powered up. As compared to the battery life of similar models, this phone comes in around the middle of the pack.


Regardless of the technical specs of any mobile phone, a good user experience is essential to success. Based upon the input of numerous independent companies and satisfied users, I can safely say that this device is user friendly.

One of the first things you will notice is just how quickly the menu responds. After that, you will see that an accurate pinch to zoom feature makes navigating webpages and documents painless.

Is It Worth The Money?

Although I believe this to be a quality product, and my beliefs are supported by numerous satisfied consumers, the decision to buy is ultimately yours.

This will of course be dependent upon several factors such as your budget and what features you value. I can say with complete certainty that it would be a mistake to make a purchase without reviewing this device more closely.

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