Mobile Communications To Double in a Decade

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Around the globe, 450 billion smartphones, many with more than one unit, and within the next 10 years mobiles sales are still projected to double. The wireless infrastructure is definitely supporting a huge load from all of those users. Wireless Internet devices are supporting the rising figures for mobile phone sales. Every week the number of people using a device continues to rise with no end in sight. Considering the new releases of Apple and Motorola, you can see the rising popularity has only just begun.  There are other manufacturers working on developing a phone to outperform Droid or Apple. Once these phones are released, they will operate on a slim-lined wireless network.

Wireless Projections and Use Expansion

Four years from now mobile devices with connection to the Internet are expected to exceed one billion users. Remember that not every smartphone has the ability to surf the Internet wirelessly. Computers were the first technology to embrace wireless Internet, but since then it has moved into our mobile phones. Someday the mobiles may replace laptops. When the iPhone was introduced, the amount of users exploded. Social networking has become a staple of society, but the smartphones have given individuals a way to interact with each other on a whole new level. Some people believe that social networking sites are one of the reasons why so many people branched into a smartphone.

Technological Versatility

Just about anything you can think of can be purchased for your mobile. Most of the apps are available for free downloading or you can have them already programmed in for you. Essentially, anything your computer is capable of, your smartphone is as well. Mobiles don’t stop there. When you think about how much they have integrated into our everyday lives, you can easily see how they surpass the computer. Can your computer let you know if your wall is level? Could your computer provide you with travel information and calculate estimated arrival time while driving down the highway? Are you able to connect with anyone around the world with nothing more than an SMS text? Your smartphone can do all of this and more.

Personal and Professional Use

If you already own a smartphone, you probably know they are for more than just business. Anyone and everyone can benefit from one of these phones. Smartphones have quickly become advanced enough to take a reading of our vitals. Before you know it, they will be able to take your blood pressure and monitor your heart. Down the road your doctor will only need to take their smartphone out to obtain your virtual readings, transmit prescriptions and send a SMS message a couple days later with all of your medical results.

To Hack or Not to Hack?

Hacking your own mobile phone is inadvisable. You run the risk of voiding your manufacturer warranty and damaging your mobile beyond repair. The individuals placing the hacking information on the market often do not test it on every software version. All it takes is one simple hack to irrevocably damage your phone and lose all of your applications. If you use your phone for anything important, you will want to think twice before making the leap.

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