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tech gadgetsThe recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted some of the most anticipated gadgets to look out for in 2013.

These gadgets ranged from new smart phones to super capacity USB drives and innovative gaming consoles.

The idea behind technology – for consumers – is to make life easier, save you money and allow you to experience things you only dreamt was possible.

Here are the five must have tech gadgets this year:

The Looxcie X2 wearable video camera for iPhone and Android:

The Looxcie wearable camera is a little camera that you can attach to your ear and allows you to record everything you see. This camera stores up to five hours of video internally and also can stream video live on to the internet, with a simple click of a button you can upload the last 30 seconds of play time to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

OD-11 Cloud Speakers:

Say goodbye to struggling with cd’s, iPods and USB drives for music. The OD-11 Cloud speakers are a wireless device that allows you to play music through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is idea for parties, family gatherings or simply to listen to your favourite music on your cell phone.

Augmented Reality Glasses:

Google and Vuzix have created glasses for people who cannot bear to be disconnected from the internet. These spectacles project a small image in front of your eyes. This device is run off the android operating system and connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone.

The glasses have the capability to show you text messages, emails, map locations and anything else you are looking for. This device only launches end of 2013, but look out for additional features like facial recognition and Facebook and Twitter updates.

Withings Smart Activity Tracker:

In a world where obesity is one of the leading causes of death, having an activity tracker is an ideal tech gadget. The Withings Smart Activity Tracker allows you to track your daily movements and the calories consumed and burnt.

The device has sensors to evaluate your lifestyle and the capabilities to suggest new exercise routines tailored to your current health levels.

WD My Passport External Hard Drive:

This ultra-fast hard drive can be used to store any files you want. The WD My Passport External Hard Drive has a 2 terabyte (TB) hard drive is fully compatible for both windows and mac, and has additional software that can encrypt your files.

This USB is 3.0 compatible, meaning that you can experience three times faster data transmission speeds that the standard 2.0 models. Whether you want to store data, transfer to another location or encrypt data, this device will do the job fast and effortlessly.

These are the five must-have tech gadgets for 2013. These gadgets will allow you to record your daily activities, play music from your cellphone, see the world from a different perspective, track your fitness gains and transfer your data safely from one location to another.

I am Greg Jones, a loans consultant and tech lover. I love outdoor mountain biking and since I bought a GoPro Hero 3, I am able to relive the strenuous hill climbs and scary downhill drops. This not only allows me to see the trails from a different perspective, but this allows me to monitor my form and improve where necessary.

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