Nintendo Wii U – The Pioneer of the Eighth Generation Video Games

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Gamepad and video game console giant Nintendo has unveiled the new Wii U gamepad for just $300. There is also a deluxe version that costs $50 more. This version has 32GB of built in memory while the basic version has 8GB. There is a charging cradle as well that is available in the package.  The Wii U has wireless controllers with good range. You can play single and multi player games with ease.

This gamepad has a 6.2 inch touchscreen. There are some special real life features added in single player mode. For example, if you play an archery game, the enemies will sometimes jump off the screen on to the gamepad controller. Players can also check out the special heat map if they move the controller around the room. This handheld device went up for sale in March 2011and it was available for $250.

The Nintendo Wii U also offers some social networking features. There is also a TV app that streams media apps from websites such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.  The gamepad also syncs with live TV and you can also share your favorite moments via Facebook. Live sports is integrated with Facebook and Twitter and you can check out the scores of any live sports event.

Nintendo Wii U is also known as the first of the next generation controls. The console is quite compact in size and sleek. It pumps 1080p HD graphics so that games appear as real as possible. The Nintendo Wii U is powered by the IBM multi core processor. The gamepad is also known as the Wii U controller. The gamepad looks similar to a tablet; however the Wii U has controls and buttons unlike the tablet which only has a touch screen. The screen measures 6.2” and it has 16:9 aspect ratio. The wireless controllers have a range of 30 yards.

Originally Nintendo planned to support only one gamepad but then it started supporting two gamepads. Many people consider the Wii U as the herald of eighth generation video games. The console has sharpened detection and game sensors. The best part of the game console is that it is fully backward compatible.

It is definitely better, faster and harder than the Wii. It will soon replace all Wiis. The Wii u is adaptable to the constant updates and changes in technology. Even the remote controllers have built in monitors. As of today, the Nintendo Wii U is the most advanced game controller ever. The game console has been declared as the machine of tomorrow by experts. The game console has 2GB of memory and 1 GB of system memory. This is 20 times more memory than the Wii.

The Wii U is available in white and black colors. The premium black version has 32 GB of internal storage and the white version has 8 GB. There is an HDMI cable included with both versions. The Wii U gamepad was first introduced for playing games and this was followed by the Pro Controller. The Pro Controller has 2 analog sticks. The controller has many features such as dual analog sticks, built in microphone, gyroscope, camera and accelerometer. The Pro Controller is available separately and it is useful in multi player games.

Conclusion – The Nintendo Wii can be said as the future of gaming. This game console is also known as the pioneer of the eighth generation video games.

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