Quickbooks Pro Vs Premier – Which Is Better?

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qbpremier-1Quickbooks is the single most popular type of accounting software on the market.

Whether your business operates as a sole proprietorship with no other employees than yourself, or if there are hundreds of employees working for your company, Quickbooks can handle it.

In fact, it’s designed to be simple enough so that anyone can perform their own accounting, regardless of past experience.

If you plan on using Quickbooks, though, you may find yourself a crossroads between the pro and premier models.

While both of them offer an effective means for performing accounting, there are some notable differences that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here we’ll take a look at some of the differences between Quickbooks Pro and Quickbooks Premier, and reveal which one is the better choice.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the price, since this is sure to be an influential factor for most people. Currently, Quickbooks Pro is available for sale starting at $249.95, while Quickbooks Premier starts at $399.95.

As you can see, that’s a pretty huge jump in price going from Pro to Premier, but is it actually worth it? To answer this question, we must go over some of the features associated with both the Pro and Premier models.

Quickbooks Pro

The more affordable of the two, Quickbooks Pro, is a powerful accounting tool used by thousands of business owners and executives. It allows you to pay bills, track expenses (real time monitoring), print checks, manage employee payrolls, create invoices (single and batch), and much, much more.

Most small business owners will find that Quickbooks Pro is the perfect fit for their needs, as it makes accounting quick and easy. You can even scan and deposit checks using the software’s Intuit Check Solution, saving you from making a special trip to the bank.

Quickbooks Premier

The upgraded version of Quickbooks Pro is Quickbooks Premier. Basically, it offers all of the same great features as the previous version but with some helpful new additions, one of which is the Inventory Center.

Instead of going through all of your accounts and data trying to locate a specific inventory task, you can open up the Inventory Center from your Quickbooks Premier account and search for exactly what you need. Depending on your business’s needs, this tool can be a huge time saver.

Another advantage to using Quickbooks Premier is the Business Plan option. They offer a number of per-formated templates and plans to suit any type of business. Just browse through their selection and click on the ones you wish to download. It’s a simple and easy way to get your business on the right track for success.

Quickbooks Premier also allows you to forecast sales and expenses based on the previously recorded data. Playing the “guessing” game on how your business will perform the following quarter is dangerous and could lead to a disastrous situation. A smarter solution is to use the forecasting tool in the Quickbooks Premier package to get an accurate feel for the future of your business.

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