Size Matters: Subatomic Particles To The Andromeda Galaxy

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Subatomic Particles To The Andromeda Galaxy

Many people never stop to contemplate the enormity of the universe or the minuscule proportion of a proton nucleus, but maybe you are someone who does. Imagine being able to compare virtual size change, from the smallest particle in the universe to the largest measurement that mankind has ever accomplished. Just as Alice discovered the extraordinary effect of size, as she drifted through Wonderland, so can you navigate the known universe to explore the vagaries of magnitude!

This graphic allows you to experience proportions, from the largest to the smallest, with a flourish of your computer mouse. Scroll from the known universe to the smallest known particle, and see how humankind “measures up.” This comparative tool is organized by rows, each designating a level of vastness. The blue lines allow you to travel through the levels, making comparisons as size diminishes or expands. Compare the largest known star to planet earth or a blue whale with T. Rex. You may be both surprised and humbled when you “magnify the universe.”

Source: Number Sleuth


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