Social Media & Law 101: Watch What You Post!

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social media postWe all have bad habits. Some people eat food that is unhealthy; other people may take risks.

If you are in the middle of a legal battle, you cannot give in to your bad habits.

This is especially the case with social media.

Something you post today might very well come back to haunt you in the near future.


Maintain a Strict Facebook Profile

When you are dealing with a legal situation in the courtroom, it is vital for you to maintain a strict Facebook profile. This means that you cannot be wild with your behavior choices.

You cannot use images for your profile icon that people may interpret as immature or inappropriate. You cannot lose control of your senses when you are online. Do not tell a friend to go to where the sun does not shine. Do not spend your time posting poetry or quotes that pertain to your current situation.

Use Caution with Images and Posts

Using discretion on a Facebook profile is necessary; thus, it needs repeating. If you are in the middle of a custody battle, you should not post images that deal with dead baby jokes. You should not talk about how foolish parents are, and you should not express your distaste at the idea of changing a diaper.

If you are trying to appear to be responsible and respectful, a gallery dedicated to the Insane Clown Posse is not in your best interest. Use common sense; do not lose yourself in an attempt to stand out from the other profiles.

Remember To Keep a Low Profile

Legal battles imply that you should be on your best behavior. If you do not want to lose your day in court, it is essential for you to be responsible. If you are in trouble, you may make matters worse by posting on your Facebook profile several times during the course of a day.

If people expect you to be mournful, you should not appear to be happy and delighted on your Facebook profile. What you write may affect your case, and you cannot take a risk. Use common sense and do not act hastily if you wish to be successful in court.

Though people tend to make mistakes, it is important for you to fight the urge while you are dealing with legal issues. You should appear to be remorseful if you have caused trouble for a group of people.

You should not appear to be immature if you are trying to win custody of a child. Though you may be tempted to post cat images or the latest music video, you may shoot yourself in the foot in the long run. The information above may help you make smart choices and avoid issues both inside and outside of the courtroom.

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