Sony-Xperia J – Good But Not Great

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Sony Xperia JThis phone is a little brother of the phone used by secret agent James Bond, the Xperia T. Little in terms that it is smaller, cheaper and newer.

This phone is not as extravagant and flashy as the Xperia T but the price is similarly less James Bondesque.

Design and Pricing

The pricing puts it in competition with the likes of the HTC Desire C, Sony Xperia Miro and BlackBerry Curve 9320.

The phone can be purchased on a SIM free basis for around 175 pounds and you will find T-Mobile and 3 deals available on a contract of two years for around 13 pounds a month.

A very reasonable price structure it seems. It actually looks very similar to the Xperia T, with both phones reminiscent of the Xperia Arc S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc; you will spot many design features you have seen before.

Usability and Construction

It is a pleasurable phone to look at and it is also ergonomic in the hand, weighing only 124 g. Balanced beautifully and with a depth of just 9.2 mm, it is also perfectly suited for one-handed operation. Despite being reasonably small, a good level of construction makes it very strong and durable.

Screen, Specs and Operating System

The 4-inch display is bright but lacks the sharpness and vitality of many other phones in this price bracket because the resolution is on the low side. It could be better and won’t inspire film lovers to go out and buy the phone for the media experience.

A real plus is that it runs Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.4). Many other phones have opted for older versions of Android. The processor is 1GHz and RAM memory is 512 MB. The camera on the rear includes a flash and is 5 mega-pixels, producing pretty decent if not impressive pictures. For the price range the camera is probably a little below par.

Summary of the Xperia J

So, in summary the positives for the phone are that it is beautiful and the design is becoming somewhat iconic. The battery life is really good because of the reduced demands of this more middle of the range phone, but the phone does represent pretty good value as an affordable all rounder.

The negatives include that at times the processor can’t keep up and so you get laggy performance while swiping and opening apps. The camera is perhaps below par and the keyboard that pops up is pretty bad.

All in all, it is a reasonable phone for the price but there may be more value in other devices in this price range. So perhaps have a look at the Orange San Diego, HTC Desire C, the Sonny Xperia Miro and the BlackBerry Curve 9320 in your comparison.

You will probably find that those phones are more to your liking. If you love the James Bond look and are chasing that image, then this won’t let you down. Probably better to save up for the big brother though- the Xperia T.

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