Star Trek Has Landed

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The science of Star Trek has landed, but don’t expect to engage the hyperdrive and pick up Mr. Spock. That can’t be done yet; however, a small number of the gadgets used on the popular TV show are here now or will be soon. For example, the communicators used by Capt. Kirk were very advanced, but look at the smartphones in millions of pockets. That device can communicate with anyone in the world, plus it can take and transmit pictures and videos. That’s trekky.

Star Trek sensors and tricorders are here and are used today in sonar, radar, tracking and medicine. Cloaking, shields and tractor beams aren’t possible now, but scientists are working on cloaking for soldiers. Laser weapons used today are similar to the phaser. Transporters, the holodeck and warp drive are still science fiction and beyond our capability, but the Star Ship Enterprise has landed, and a few Star Trek devices are here now.

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