Super Geeks You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

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Amber Case is a person that many people would classify as a geek. However, her “geekiness” has helped her launch a very successful career. She is the founder of Geoloqi, which is a platform that builds location-aware applications. Case is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College. She double majored in sociology and anthropology.

Eric Johansson is another person who could be placed in the geek category. He is a retouch artist and photographer. He has stated that his goal is to make his photos look realistic and impossible at the same time. Johansson’s interest in photography started at a young age, and he got his first digital camera at the age of 15. He attended Chalmers University of Technology and majored in engineering.

Phil Plait could also be classified as a geek. He attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a PHD in astronomy. He is the author of Bad Astronomy, which is a website and book that helps clear up misconceptions about the field of astronomy.

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