Surviving Social Media: Simply Don’t Share Everything

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social-mediaPrivacy is not a privilege; it’s a right. Too many times people rights are violated, not by others, but by themselves.

Sharing information with friends and family might not seem harmful, but the method used to share such information can be pretty damaging.

The internet seems to be the point of communication for everyone.

It is a place where people communicate with friends and loved ones, companies announce job openings, and new businesses introduce their services and products.

Be Discreet

It is also a forum where complete strangers share personal information with millions of people from around the world. People lose focus of just how powerful the internet really is.

Social media is a driving force that pushes people to gossip, about every aspect of their life. Most people look at social networking as a social journal.

They share every aspect of their life with online strangers, even personal and sensitive information. People should not share, what they don’t want anyone else to know, on the World Wide Web.

Once information is in cyberspace, it is there to stay. Many people have lost their jobs, their lives and even their friendships, over postings they thought no one else would see.

Be Careful What you Write

Once information has been posted to twitter, Face Book, MySpace and LinkedIn it cannot be retrieved and erased. The damage is already done. Just as spoken words cannot be retracted, social media content cannot be disregarded. Once postings are sent online, millions of readers have instant access.

Many companies are searching the internet for information about their employees. It seems the best way for employers to know their employees is to find out what they are saying, and how they are spending their time.

People can make some pretty damaging remarks online. The unintentionally make comments about their jobs, their peers and how they feel about other people in general.

If this information finds its way into the hands of a revengeful or spiteful person, it could mean total ruin for the blogger.

Don’t Trust Everyone

There is a safe way to surf the internet, post comments to social networks and keep private information under wraps. The internet can be a fun place to meet new people and stay entertained.

However, there are predators and identity thieves online; so, sharing too much information is not a great idea.

Some people have a tendency to post their name, address, telephone number and their work location. This type of information should not be made public to complete strangers. Everyone is not trustworthy.

In fact, predators live for this type of information. In other words, don’t share what you don’t want publicized. The internet is a like the local newspaper, but only larger.

Millions of people subscribe to online news media networking sites like Face Book, and many others. To be safe and to avoid conflict, be careful not to make too much personal information public.

Sensitive information can be very damaging, and the after effects can destroy another person’s credibility.

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