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From http://www.freedigitalphotos.netHave you eve wanted a smartphone, but could never justify the price tag of a new phone coupled with necessary data plan charges?
Ever been jealous of all the utility people get with their smartphones compared to your older generation cell phone?

Well, who says you need to connect your smartphone to a wireless provider in to use some of a smartphone’s finest features?
You may find yourself with an opportunity to acquire a smartphone at little to no cost. Even without phone or 4G service, a smartphone can still be used a veritable high-tech Swiss Army Knife.

Here are some ways you may take advantage of an otherwise unused smartphone:

  • Wi-Fi Internet: Most, if not all, smartphones have the ability to connect to wireless networks to save you from using the limited data of your 3G or 4G plan. Even if your phone is not connected to any service, you can still power it on and connect to wireless networks.This is incredibly handy should you get lost and come across a cafe with free Wi-Fi, as you can just connect to Google Maps and find your bearings again. Take your phone along with you to places where you’ll be doing some waiting, and you can occupy yourself with your favorite websites to pass the time.
  • Media Player: Smartphones make great music and video players, especially on the go. Your phone probably has Bluetooth capability, so do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of stereo Bluetooth headphones. You can get decent sound quality without the cord clutter, and music listeners can skip, replay, and adjust the volume on tracks simply by pressing buttons located on the headset.This is a bonus for active listeners, who don’t want to break their stride by fumbling to look at a screen. Also, the shock of movement can be detrimental to hard drive based media players, such as iPod Classics, making phones a handy alternative players at times.Also keep in mind that some phones have nice speakers built into them, which makes them handy when you want to share your tracks or forgo headphones altogether.
  • Apps!: First of all, everyone should have a flashlight app. A flashlight app simply leaves your phone’s built-in flash LED to stay on until you press the screen again, making for an effective flashlight. Take your phone with you if you have the slightest suspicion you may be walking through dark areas.

And then there’s the games. Connect to Wi-Fi and play games like Draw Something or Words With Friends… with your friends! Just yet another excellent way to kill time.

Smartphones are proving themselves to be more versatile tools every day, and their potential for every day uses are staggering. What are some handy uses you’ve found for your smartphone?



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