Tech-Savvy Seniors on the Rise

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silver_surfingTechnology was once thought to be a field in which the younger generations were interested in. Most people assumed that the older generation were simply not tech savvy enough to even know how to use the technical gadgets of today.

However, current research is showing that now more than ever, senior citizens are becoming more dominant in the technology world. The reasons why this demographic is becoming increasingly aware of technology varies. An NPR interview sounds off on just why there is such a huge increase in seniors using technology.

The main reason for such a change is that the younger generations who have been surrounded by technology are getting older. Many of those who were born in the baby boomer generation are now becoming senior citizens.

Just because they are senior citizens does not mean that their interest in technology is fading, thus they are bringing this knowledge with them as they turn to this segment of people.

Most people have had false views on just why seniors are not in tune to technology. These beliefs often include:

  • Seniors simply do not have the brain power to operate technology and the complexity of these technical gadgets like iPhones, tablets or the like are too hard for the person to even learn.
  • There is nothing that a senior will want to do with technology, thus they have no need for it.

Both of these are false beliefs that have been proven wrong. However, there may have been a time when many seniors felt that technology was overrated. But, even this thought is being challenged. According to an article on NPR , AARP has a new program in which they are putting technical devices into the hands of senior citizens.

Many local programs are reaching out to help teach seniors just how to be careful while on the Internet and how to use these devices. It is all in the name of getting seniors more tech savvy so that they can enjoy the technology that surrounds them.

Even with these programs in place, many younger generations wonder just how technology is going to help a senior. There are several ways, including:

  • Allowing seniors to pay bills online which is important for those who may have a difficult time getting out of their own home or who are confined to a wheel chair.
  • Most importantly, it is allowing seniors to connect with other seniors via social media.

The number of seniors who are using social media has increased exponentially. Years ago, seniors would not have known what social media was, yet alone how this is going to be helpful to them.

However, ask any younger adult who has a senior grandparent or parent, they will more than likely state that they have befriended them on Facebook, a social media giant. When seniors age, their personal relationships are sometimes lacking simply because people move away or illness takes friends away.

With social media, seniors can find other seniors in their area or throughout the world with whom they can talk to. This can help the loneliness that many seniors feel which can lead to depression and an increase in illness.

For seniors who are interested in getting in on the technology that is around them, or for those who are interested in learning more, they are going to find that most communities offer some type of program that is meant to teach seniors the ins and outs of technology.

The AARP program is only available in certain areas, though with the success it is having and the number of seniors who have enjoyed this, chances are it will expand its locations. Seniors are learning about technology and the information they are learning is information that many younger generations tend to forget while being engulfed in technology.

For example, seniors are learning the value of passwords and safety precautions that should be taken while online. This just goes to show that seniors are not only learning technology but they could probably teach a thing or two to the younger generations.

Along with privacy and safety precautions to take while online, seniors will also need to focus on how different technical gadgets work. However, most seniors find that once they dive into these gadgets, that they learn enough to get them by and basically teach themselves what they need to know.

The days of technology being geared towards younger generations is over. It seems that everyone, no matter what their age, is becoming more technical. It is clear to see that the boom of seniors who are using technology is not going to change.

There is always going to be more and more seniors getting on the technology bandwagon, and we will all notice that as technology changes, seniors are going to be right there learning along side the younger generations.

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