The Anatomy of a Difficult Web Design Client

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In some cases, extracting useful information from a web design client is a nightmare. Most of them walk into your office saying they know exactly what they want. When you get into the details though, their ideas are vague and even contradictory.

Some clients will give you a list of websites they love. Yet, if you design one along the same lines, they hate it. Some clients will choose the mock-up you hate, saying it’s the one they want. Then, a couple of weeks later, they come to hate it with a passion.

How do you avoid this painful experience? There is no way to guarantee it will not happen. However, a few things can make it easier. A clear contract with definite dates and deadlines is the start. Getting concrete examples of likes and dislikes is also part of the bargain. Putting limitations on revisions and mock-up changes helps keep the project on track.

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