The Apple IPhone 5 Or The Google Nexus 4? Which Is Better?

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cell phone comparisonApple and Google are very similar as companies. They are both publicly traded companies that are giants in the technology industry.

Apple had their initial success in computers and then through the iPod, iPad, and iPhone series have taken the consumer market by storm.

Google has its main activity in search, but through the Android platform made a huge impact on the phone market and now are looking to take a larger share by getting more involved.

As two companies that have moved into the mobile phone market, they both have huge resources and reputations that precede them.

So, which of these two flagship phones are the better? The Google Nexus 4 or the iPhone 5? Both are touch screen mobile phones, but there the resemblance ends.

Criticism of the iPhone 5

Critics of the iPhone 5 have stated that the newest release did not innovate as much as it should have, that it should at least have been NFC-enabled. They say that other companies have produced new technology and have really excited the consumer market, whereas the iPhone series has not moved forward at a fast enough pace.

Consumers will perhaps beg to differ. The success of the iPhone 5 has been unparalleled in the phone history. The iPhone 5 sold 5 million handsets in just 3 days and 45 million within 3 months at the end of 2012.

The sales figures are indeed impressive, more so than perhaps any other smartphone history, and more so than the Google Nexus 4. But the consumer market is still developing and will become more sophisticated over the coming years. Just because it sold the most, does not make it the best.

The Google Nexus 4 has been received much more favorably

The response to the Google Nexus 4 has been much better than to the iPhone 5. Critics have labeled it a pioneering phone by Google and have found very few areas of criticism. Google perhaps took a gamble by partnering with LG, a company that have had mixed success in the mobile phone market over the recent years, but it seems to have paid off.

A comparison of the processors, screens, and performance

The Nexus 4 comes with a quad core processor with twice the RAM of the iPhone. It also has 50% more battery capacity and much faster theoretical download speed. The specifications are certainly higher and more impressive. The iPhone still manages to perform admirably. It is snappy and flowing in performance making the journey around the iOS operating system impressive.

The screen on the Nexus 4 is 0.7 inches bigger. Although, having a bigger screen is not always a better thing, in this regard, I would say it is. It is surprising perhaps that the iPhone didn’t go even bigger than it did, with Apple increasing its screen size by 0.5 inches rather than by at least a full inch.

The screen resolution of the Google Nexus 4 is 40% better and the performance of the processor is 20% better. Overall, the Google Nexus 4 is a higher spec, higher performance, higher end phone.


In summary, the Google Nexus 4 is in my opinion a much better phone than the iPhone 5. It is at another level and is also extremely well priced. The iPhone 5 has is lovers and its haters. It’s no surprise that the lovers tend to be less technical and the haters tend to be techies.

All in all, this is a fantastic release by Google into the market, and Apple should be feeling very anxious about what is yet to come from the search giant.

Phil Turner has been studying touch screen mobile phones over the past few months with a view to buying one.

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