The Benefits of a Usenet Service

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Usenet is a network service used in conjunction with the Internet. It allows users from all over the world to connect with each other via newsgroups. In essence, Usenet is employed by users looking to involve themselves in text based discussions involving a variety of information regarding sports, politics, entertainment, and just about any other topic imaginable. Usenet is one of the oldest web services that still exist today.

Usenet and online Security

In regards to security, Usenet employs 256-bit SSL Encryption. 256-Bit SSL is the same type of security that banks, retail websites, and credit card companies use to allow their customers to safely and securely access their private account information and make payments online. Hence, this particular encryption used in conjunction with standard security measures used on most computers leads to a high level of security. That is one of the most important reasons why users tend to opt for Usenet.

Usenet Servers

Usenet is not one giant server. It is made up of many servers that interact with each other around the globe. When an article is posted to Usenet, the server that it is posted to will quickly push it out to other servers within the network. The article will then propagate to all Usenet servers around the world so that a user with Usenet access will quickly be able to access that article anywhere on the planet.

Who is in charge of Usenet?

Surprisingly, nobody is. As mentioned above, Usenet is made up of many servers that interact with each other, exchanging information. These servers are run by different Usenet providers. If a server from one particular provider no longer exists, this will not affect Usenet as a whole as the rest of the Usenet servers will carry on regardless, exchanging information and articles between them. Having no one person or body in charge of Usenet is what makes it attractive to the Usenet community. In a world where personal freedom is in decline, especially online, the Usenet community prides itself on the fact that their newsgroups are still a bastion of free speech.

Although Usenet started off as primarily a network providing access to newsgroups, it has evolved over the years. Newsgroups are essentially discussion forums that allow users to involve themselves in a variety of discussions. These discussions can be based on numerous topics such as politics and sports. Since Usenet is a service that can be used from anywhere around the world, the information that is contained on its servers is vast and globally encompassing.

How does one access Usenet?

Once a user has signed up with a Usenet Provider, they will need a program called a newsreader. A newsreader can be easily downloaded from the internet. Some providers offer a free newsreader program when you sign up for their service. Other newsreaders are fee based, while others are free. The free ones, however, are very limited on features. A newsreader is to Usenet, what a web browser is to the internet. A user simply tells the newsreader the server name to connect to, and then enters their login details as provided by their service provider. They are then good to go. The user then has access to the 100,000 + newsgroups currently available and is a fully-fledged member of the global Usenet community.

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