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Google TV hasn’t quite hit the ground running despite having been out for over two years now. There have however clearly been signs of promise in the form of some pretty decent Android TV players. Here are the best of the bunch.

M6 Android Smart TV Box

Available throughout the UAE, the M6 Android Smart TV Box is a gadget worthy for the most avid of technology enthusiasts, or better yet, most of the most avid. With HTML 5, Google Chrome, Flash 11 support and full HD video encoding, the M6 certainly isn’t shy of features.

An embedded high-performance Open GL 3D graphics processor Mali – 400 is further credence to the M6’s credentials.

The greatest feature held by the M6 is the ARM Cortex A9 processor which is unrivalled in terms of performance and power capacities. The Google TV player’s ability to download material through torrents off the internet would probably then be the M6’s second most prized aspect.

Visopix Android TV Box

The first and foremost most striking characteristic one will notice upon beholding the Visopix Android TV Box is its miniscule size, which amounts to that of a USB stick.

Do not however let this device’s size fool you. It boasts a powerful CORTEX A5 1.2GHz high speed processor, which puts it alongside the fastest Google TV players available on the market.

It also runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is some feat for a device so small. With access to Google’s wide range of apps, and 1080p HD video playing quality, the Visopix Android TV Box certainly isn’t messing around. If all this weren’t enough, it has a built-in Flash 10.3 player, allowing online videos to be played with ease.

All in a device that weighs no more than 150g and it can also be purchased with a great mini keyboard touchpad.

Sony NSZ-GS7

Sony’s first attempt at manufacturing a Google TV player didn’t quite go to plan. An inefficient controller, poor interface and limited app selection were just few of the reasons why the NSZ-GT1 was ultimately a failure.

Second time around, Sony have worked to put right those wrongs, with the NSZ-GS7. The double side remote it now has for Google TV is most certainly a great improvement on the frustrating controls of the NSZ-GT1, while Sony’s new Google TV player runs smoother and looks slicker.

It’s also somewhat cheaper than the NSZ-GT1 by over £100. The only downside with the NSZ-GS7 is the lack of dedicated apps for major streaming services such as Amazon Instant.

This is a guest post.  Matt Taylor is a British freelance writer and technology enthusiast!


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