The Great App-splosion: The Breakthrough of Mobile Apps

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Ever heard of a mobile app? You know, those nifty little programs designed to run on smartphones and tablet computing devices that allow you to do all kinds of cool stuff, like track the location of any of your friends (creepy) or get step-by-step directions via a pirate map to the location where you last parked your car? Like Apple says, “There’s an app for that.” And there’s likely to be more apps like that very soon—many more.

Mobile app development is skyrocketing, predicted to outpace traditional native PC-app development fourfold by 2015. While the benefits of mobile computing make management teams everywhere singing the praises of developers, I.T. departments are being kept on their toes. The mobile workforce, including the use of applications which integrate with enterprise applications and networks, open a whole host of potential security issues.

I.T. teams will just have to keep up with the rapid pace, though, because companies are adopting tablet computing at a rate increasing by 50 percent each year. Learn more about the widespread adoption of mobile applications by checking out the following infographic.

This infographic was made by ClickSoftware Field Workforce Management, the leading provider of field service and workforce management software and solutions.


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