The Growing Trend Of Documenting Your Life In Pictures

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A Life In Pictures

Life is certainly too short. One minute you’re playing with toys and sharing sweets with your friends, the next you’re paying for a mortgage and bringing up children.

Many people when they get to this point in life will often question where the time has gone.

We all have taken photographs of ourselves but we cannot always remember specific times, dates and places applicable to our own individual lives.

This has led to some people taking the decision to document their lives. This concept gained even more recognition when Ian McLeod from Harrogate took a picture of his now 21 year old son, every day of his life since he was born.

He subsequently created a time lapse video of all the 7,500 pictures which has now had over half a million views on YouTube.

This truly inspired many people to take a picture of themselves every day. It’s clear to see why people might do this.

The fact is we can never claim those precious years back. To some, it is a way of recording your existence throughout time, through each stage of their lives.

In 80 years time when looking at the photo album, it will be amazing to recall specific calendar days in a way a diary can never compare to.

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There are events in our lives which will always be documented in photographic format such as weddings and christenings and maybe even the day you pass your driving test complete with L plates in shot.

The fact that we tend to focus only on those times mean that we might miss out on equally life changing and momentous moments.

More people are already documenting their lives without even realising it. The widespread use of social media over the last ten years has created a way of thinking which makes recording events via photos much more natural than what is used to be.

This practice has many advantages in a sense that it not only helps in preserving our memories but it also allows an insight into our past which other family members will be able to share with you as opposed to the stereotypical anecdotes being met with confused faces.

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In some instances, documenting your life is a positive tool, to reflect back on when negative things might happen to us. Sometimes looking back will fend off bouts of depression or loneliness which can occur when family have died or moved far away and we long for happier times.

The popularity of devices such as the Memoto Lifelogging camera just goes to show the interest many people have in doing this.

Of course some critics might think this type of activity is a waste of time and far too time consuming which is not the case since devices like the Memoto can be worn around the neck and constantly takes pictures.

The device itself has no buttons and works automatically. It takes two photos every minute and notes what time it was taken. The camera is also water proof and can be worn in all weather.

On a more cynical note, the process of documenting our everyday life could potentially prove as a valuable defense whereby we may be accused of a crime or being in a place which we knew was not the case.

A quick check back through the documented pictures should soon exonerate us from any potential accusations.

So whether we like it or not, it seems that the process of documenting our lives every day could prove beneficial to us in the future and is something we should maybe all consider.

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