The History of Mobile Computing Devices

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Time goes by all too fast, and technology advances at alarming rates. To think that only two decades ago, mobile phones were an expensive luxury that only business people could afford!

To think how those original phones were brick-sized, heavy, and and featured just a handful of basic functions. How far we’ve come,and how quickly it happened: the smartphones of today are just as powerful as desktop computers from just 3 or 4 years ago.

The following infographic aims to put into perspective the combined evolution of mobile phones, laptop computers and tablet computers. It clearly looks like these different lines of devices tend to combine and intersect in many possible ways, and that could become a future trend.

In fact, there are already some gadgets in the matter that bridge the functionality of these different gadgets. Where do we go from here? Read on and let us know your opinions by writing in your comments.

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