The Meteoric Rise Of Steve Ballmer

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steve-ballmerSteve Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft and a position he has handled since 2000.

He was noticed by the business world when he took over the reins of the company from its founder Bill Gates and managed as best a transition as possible.

Always a topper, Steve was destined to always be on the top rungs of the businesses he was associated with. Raised in Michigan, Steve was a brilliant student all the way and walked his way to college and University passing out with top honors.

Steve Ballmer And Microsoft

Steve joined Microsoft in its initial years as a business manager on a modest salary along with employee stock options. He has handled various portfolios in the company and has been instrumental in some of the major breakthroughs in Microsoft.

So vast is his capacities that Steve has handled finance to software development, business acquisitions to marketing of the brand during his tenure with the company.

This was one of the main reasons for his getting the top job when its founder stepped down to pursue other interests in 2009.

Known for his aggressive working style, and also as a person who does not take nonsense, he has had his share of unpopularity with the rest of his team.

He has been often blamed for the not so good performance of the company shares and stagnation in product development, but Steve has stood by his responsibilities with complete conviction.

Known to be a flamboyant and outgoing personality, he has used it to his benefit in product launches. They always help attract the right kind of attention and press coverage for his products.

Interest In Out Of Business Activities

His rise to such a position in a huge business conglomerate can be attributed to his aggressive business style. And this is evident from the many anecdotes that make the rounds of how he takes business decisions.

He has been time and again critical of his competitors and has been closely involved with various product developments of his own company. Most of their products are designed for the people without much knowledge of technology and the company can be credited for taking software technology within common mans reach.

He is believed to be one of the first billionaires through stock options and has used his personal wealth to pursue some of his personal interests as well. His interests are varied and he takes a keen interest in sports.

His investments in basketball teams have been helpful in reviving them and his funding has been instrumental in some major changes that have taken place for the betterment of the teams.

Steve Ballmer’s rise to the position that he holds today is thanks to his business acumen and intelligence. A well educated professional who seized the opportunity that presented before him and proved his capacities time and again is a point worth noting.

Handling a business after its founder stepped down has had its fair share of hiccups and Steve has had to put in the effort to bring about changes in working style and handle the comparisons and brickbats deftly for the success of the business. He is one of the most famous people in the technology world.

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