The Rise of the Internet

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It’s hard to remember what life was like before the Internet even for people who were adults before we all got online. It’s been an invention on par with the 15th century development of the printing press.

Now, we wonder how we ever got by without all this knowledge at our fingertips whether it’s maps, restaurant recommendations or settling crucial debates about what year an actor debuted in film or the gross national product of Canada.

In fact, the Internet has had far-reaching ramifications beyond the trivial. This is the reason governments like China continue to censor parts of it, sectors of business and the government in the United States support the chilling effects of SOPA and countries in the throes of revolution attempt to shut it down entirely.

The Internet really does have a way of distributing power to the people in practical ways, and it’s permeated almost every aspect of our lives. So, just how revolutionary has the Internet been?

Source: How the Internet Has Changed the World


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