The Steps To Convert VHS Videos Into DVD Format

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Today we are used to playing our favourite films on our DVD players, but most of us have still got piles of old VHS videos stored away in our lofts. Rather than having to part with the precious memories captured on your VHS videos, why not consider transferring them into DVD format so they can be of use again? In this article we will guide you through the simple steps to convert your VHS videos into DVD format.

By transferring your VHS tapes to DVD disks you will be able to enjoy them once again!

What you will need

In order to convert your videos you will need a computer with video editing software, as this will enable you to capture the footage from the tapes and edit it with titles. You will also require either a camcorder or VCR to play your tapes and an analogue to digital converter.

If you want to put your DVD files onto disks you will also need DVD burning software. If your computer already has a video card with an analogue input you will be able to plug your VCR player or camcorder straight into your computer. If this is not the case with your computer you will need to use the external analogue to digital converter.

Step 1 – Connecting the devices

You first need to hook your computer or converter up to your player or camcorder using the red, white and yellow RCA cords. These should be placed in the video out jacks on the player and the input jacks on your computer or converter. If you are using a converter you will then need to use a USB or fire wire connector to link it up to your computer.

Step 2 – Freeing up disk space

Make sure that you have plenty of free disk space on your computer. Capturing VHS videos can take up a lot of disk space so it is essential to prepare for this.

Step 3 – Capturing footage

Next you will need to open up the video editing software on your computer. Once it has loaded, start the capturing process and then press the play button on your camcorder or VCR player. It may take a little while for your footage to capture, especially if it is a long video tape. Once it has finished capturing, you will need to drag the video onto the timeline.

Step 4 – Editing and exporting

You now have the option of editing your video or leaving it as it is. Many people like to add chapter titles and menus to their videos to make it easier to navigate through them when they are played on DVD players. Once you have finished editing your footage you will need to render it and export it to the correct file type for your DVD disks.

Make it easier to navigate through your footage by adding chapter titles and menus

Step 5 – Burning to disk

Finally you will need to open up your DVD burning software and insert a blank recordable DVD disk. You can then use the DVD burning software to transfer your newly formatted VHS recording to the disk. Once it has finished burning you will be able to play the disk back on your computer, as well as on DVD players.

Converting your VHS tapes to DVD disks is not as hard as it sounds providing that you have the right equipment and follow the simple steps above. Although it is not a complex process, it does take time, especially if you have a number of VHS tapes to convert.

After you have gone through the editing process a couple of times you will find it easier and much quicker to do. If you do not have the right equipment or enough time to do it yourself, you can always take your tapes to a video conversion specialist and have them done professionally.

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