The Unoriginal Apple

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Apple is a company that’s known for their innovation and creative technologies. From hardware to programs, it seems that Apple is always ahead of the game, coming up with brilliant ideas that no one has ever thought of.

But is that really the case? Is Apple really the trendsetter, the techno-leader, setting the standards and raising the bar in the computer and music industry? A closer look reveals the truth… and that truth is very different from what we’re led to believe.

The fact is that Apple is one of the biggest copycats out there… and they don’t even deny it! Steve Jobs famously quoted Picasso as saying that “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” He added that Apple has “always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” That’s pretty surprising, considering that they are quick to sue anyone who produces a product that they claim was based off of one of their own. But despite the lack of originality, Apple products are beloved and incredibly popular.



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