Things that You CANNOT do with the iPhone 5

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New releases of smartphones are always greeted on both sides. The first side is the celebration, toasts and praise side. This is all about enumerating all of the different positive sides of the product. The other side is the side of negativity, where we name and list down all of the bad things that we have observed when we used or tested the mobile phone.

Now, for this article, it’s our turn to become the devil’s advocate, balance the scales and provide you with some of the things that the iPhone 5 can’t do. Listen carefully, because you’ll also need this information to help you perfectly get a middle ground with your purchase decision.

No Quick Texting Option

Though touchscreens are revolutionary in the way that they could easily modify the button interface into whatever form possible, they are not particularly the best when it comes to speed typing. Android phones have temporarily got around this problem with the introduction of Swype, but the iPhone is still yet to have such an option. Even for the iPhone 5, continuous typing or key input for a long time can be frustrating with the speed limitations. You may still want to stick with those functional and affordable iPhone 5 cases that are installed with QWERTY keyboards if you need to type quickly.

No External SD Card Support

This is something that hasn’t really surprised us for a long time already. HOWEVER, this is definitely something that we had already been wishing to have ever since the first iPhone came out years ago. Look, we kind of or somewhat understand why Apple is doing this, but some of us really need that added storage option. How convenient could it be if we could just swap SD cards if we need specific sets of data to be transferred to the phone? Ah well, it does not seem like iPhones would have such feature anytime in the future…

No Standard Physical Connectivity

Again, this is something that is considered as normal but it still on the top list of things that we REALLY wished the iPhone have. Seriously, I mean non-conformity is awesome and all but, blocking out what could probably be the most convenient connectivity port on the planet? What’s wrong with having a USB port on it? Even the 30-pin port of the iPhone 4S is replaced by another proprietary 19-pin port by the iPhone 5. The entire cheap iPhone 5 cases, covers and accessories industry feeds upon this very “inconvenience” you know.

Only limited 64GB

Just how fast can you drain out all of your iPhone’s storage capacity? Sure, we understand that 64GB is quite a lot for a smartphone, but why does the iPod have a 128GB capacity limit? Because it is purely used to store media files? But isn’t there all the more reason for the iPhone to have that upgrade precisely because it stores other types of data? Anyway, this is just wishful thinking perhaps, but we would surely love an iPhone that could break this traditional storage capacity limit.

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