Three Awesome Apps to Learn Portuguese

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SmartphoneThe advances of technology have made life a little easier. Not only can you access the Internet while on the go thanks to tablets and smartphones, but there are plenty of apps for these devices that can help you do everything, including learning a new language.

If you’re interested in learning Portuguese, the following three apps can be very beneficial in helping you to so.

1. Busuu

Busuu is an app for the iPhone and iPad. Through this app, you’ll be able to learn over 3,000 words and phrases in Portuguese. It also doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to learn or if you already advanced at the language, as the app has different settings that allow any level of user to learn or better their skills.

The app uses native speakers to record the vocabulary and phrases, so you will hear the natural sound of the language. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful images to help you visually recognize the word and its definition. And the best part is that Busuu uses words and phrases that you will most likely use in regular speech, so you’ll be able to put your education to work in real life.

The app also allows you to have contact with native Portuguese speakers, so you can ask questions or even have conversations to see how well you’re learning. Plus, there are interactive tests to help you advance from one lesson to the next.

2. MindSnacks

MindSnacks takes a different approach to help you learn Portuguese online. Instead of using flash cards like other apps, MindSnacks uses interactive games to help you learn vocabulary words and key phrases. Plus, the app focuses on teaching you the words that will help you shop, meet new people, order food and even ask for directions—everything that you’ll need to communicate in the real world.

This app contains nine different games for you to play, and throughout these games, you will walk away with a vocabulary of over 1,000 words and phrases. The app also contains lessons, which were created by Ivy League language professors, and you can even listen to audio clips that were recorded by native Portuguese speaking individuals.

3. Babbel is a popular website that can help individuals learn Portuguese, and they also have an app for Android and iOS users. Everything that you’re used to getting online is available through the Babbel app.

You’ll be able to take Portuguese courses to help you learn the language, and the innovative speech recognition software will help you learn how to correctly pronounce the words and phrases that you learn. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or just trying to refresh your memory, as Babbel is set up to help anyone on any level learn Portuguese.

Babbel also keeps track of the lessons you’ve received so that you don’t have to sit through the same course over and over again. Instead, it tracks your progress so that it can ensure you’re receiving the right type of lessons for your level of skill.

This is a guest post.  Pablo Louro is a linguist currently living in Azores. He loves technology and Apps.

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