Top 4 Mobile Apps for Nurses in 2012

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Technology makes everyone’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Nurses on the go always need a companion when they work. For nurses, there should always be a handy tool for continuous learning and development of professional skills. One of the best tools to use is the mobile phone. These handy devices have been more than helpful to all professionals in the field of healthcare. They are particularly helpful tools for nurses who have to deliver patient care under very intense circumstances. Even when the nurses are out of the hospital, this tool can assist with their studies and also help them update themselves on the latest innovations and medical researches.

One way to become productive in both the workplace and at home is the use of mobile applications. For nurses, there are many mobile applications designed to make their jobs easier. Here is a list of the top four mobile applications for nurses in 2012.

Instant ECG

The Instant ECG iPhone Application shows the fundamentals of electrocardiogram (ECG) electrophysiology, myocardial motion potential, linked waveforms, durations and types to assist the nurses to produce a structure necessary to evaluate ECGs. Instant ECG additionally differentiates the main difference in several myocardial ischemia or personal injury patterns. All of this training is incorporated into one hassle-free iPhone application. This is perfect for those who are normally stationed in emergency rooms and for those who are stationed in ECG clinics.

Pocket Body

Pocket Body is another iPhone application that is specifically made for anatomical and physiological identifications. It helps the nurse identify the body parts that may have been forgotten. The user-friendly navigation allows an individual to get around from the epidermis layer through the superficial to deep musculature, as well as to intrinsic body organ structures, suspensory ligaments and the skeletal frame. Biological structures in each level are pinned for recognition, and all the pits are connected to extra information such as related details and healthcare notes. This is the perfect tool for the nurses who are constantly engaged in body check, physical check up and other anatomical procedures.

Medical Mnemonics

Medical Mnemonics includes 1731 smart acronyms and recollection methods on each user’s iPhone, including subjects starting from Anatomy and Phsyiology to Pharmacology and Surgery. The data source is completely searchable and can also be rapidly filtered by study, field or body system. The user can also create a list of his or her favorite mnemonics along with filtering of lists. This is ideal for nurses who are studying for a master’s degree or even students in any related medical field.

Davis’s Drug Guide

Davis’s Drug Guide for Mobile Application provides updated, extensive and helpful information of more than 5,000 drugs. This effective and useful resource contains everything a nurse’s need to offer high quality care to the patients including facts about dosing and administration of drugs, basic safety, connections and affected individual instruction from the point of proper care. In addition, its features also include FDA alerts, personalized book-marking and substantial cross-linking in between drugs. This tool is ideal for those assigned in disseminating medicines for patients.

Although it is not advisable for nurses to use personal mobile phones at work, there are still many chances for them to use these applications outside of the hospital. All the aforementioned applications can help make life easier for the nurses. If a hospital allows the use of personal mobile phones within the facility, then the nurses will be able to use these applications to enhance patient care. Although some of these applications are not free, they are well worth the investment.

This is a guest post.  Karen Milford is a trauma nurse and guest author at Accelerated BSN, where she contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Online Accelerated BSN Programs.


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