Top 5 Gadgets Tech Savvy Drivers Must Have

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automobile tech gadgetsTechies are addicted to the latest in gadgets and apps for their mobile devices that can make life easier or just a bit more fun. Luckily, these little technological advances are available in about every aspect of our lives, and driving is no exception.

Automobile technology has evolved at an amazing rate over the past decade alone, and this is just in the area of vehicle manufacturing.

Luckily, there are also an abundance of aftermarket devices that can go a long way in keeping tech savvy drivers ahead of the curve, and many of them can actually keep a driver safer behind the wheel.

Digital Tire Pressure Readers

Maybe the least technologically advanced gadget on this list, yet still one of the most vital, is the digital tire pressure reader. Automobile research has consistently shown that under or overinflated tires can quickly contribute to vehicular accidents.

Anyone who has tried to use the tire pressure gauge on gas station air pumps or the manual hand-held readers available at auto parts stores, however, likely understands how difficult these less-than-reliable devices can be to use. Luckily, several companies have released digital tire pressure readers that can easily give an exact pressure measurement to those who spend a lot of time on the road.

One of the perils of over inflation is a blowout which occurs when your tire explodes while you are driving at a high speed. A vehicle that has to make a sudden stop on a highway can endanger many lives on a routine traffic day.

You can imagine the type of traffic backups that an auto accident in Miami or New York would cause during rush hour. These incidents can be prevented by monitoring your tire pressure on a regular basis.

Agent App

The Agent app, which comes in at less than two dollars for Android devices, can do amazing things when it comes to making a driver safer on the road. Whenever a mobile device with the Agent app senses a person moving faster than 25 miles per hour, it automatically engages and silences the phone.

In addition, it reads a person’s incoming texts aloud so that they don’t have to fidget with their phone. On top of all of this greatness, it also sends an automated reply to those who sent the message in the first place to let them know their acquaintance will get back to them shortly.

Auto Collision Apps

Though the Agent app can go a long way in preventing accidents, there’s not much it can do when other negligent drivers on the road cause a collision. Luckily, the Car Accident Report and Help I Crashed My Car apps for Android and iOS devices, respectively, can assist in these situations.

Both apps allow a person to fill out an accident report right inside of the program, and they also have fields where the other driver’s information can be entered.

Additionally, these apps track the location of an accident via GPS and even provide step-by-step checklists of how to respond after an accident has occurred. Even better, the Car Accident Report app allows its user to take photographs, make notes, record statements and even make diagrams of the incident right within the app.

Driverless Cars

Maybe the biggest technological advance in the automotive industry since the invention of cars is that of the driverless vehicle. Google has been testing automated cars for years now, and throughout that process, only a couple of accidents have occurred involving these vehicles.

Amazingly enough, these accidents were either caused when the car was under human control or hit by another negligent driver. While these vehicles still have a long way to go until they’re commercially available, when they are, all bets are off.

The aforementioned apps, gadgets and even vehicles can do everything from making someone a safer driver to helping them respond when unsafe drivers cause accidents. There’s no doubt that technological advances will continue, and at some point, some if not all of these gadgets will be outpaced by newer and better versions of themselves.

Until that point, however, these techie dreams are as good as it gets when it comes to safe driving.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a freelance writer who frequently researches new automobile technology. She was able to find research for this article by performing an online search using auto accident in Miami new vehicle technology.

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