Top 5 Hi-Tech Destinations Of The World

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Tech savvy people don’t always roam around asking for traveling tips and vacation tips. When they need them, they just opt to run an online search. Unfortunately, even on the internet, you will find a plethora of holiday tips for adventure lovers, couples, sports aficionados etc, but hardly anything is there for tech lovers.

Most people don’t even realize that like everyone else, tech savvy people can be quite finicky about their travel destinations. More than the sunny beaches and colorful carnivals, techies are looking for high-end amenities and huge science fairs.

The wait is now over! Here is a list of the world’s five most hi-tech destinations that make up for a perfect travel spot for tech lovers.


Being the home town of tech industry biggies such as Sony and Panasonic, Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced cities of the world. An eagle eye view of Tokyo literally looks a like a map from a future-based strategy game.

From transportation to toilets, everything in Tokyo just screams ‘hi-tech’. Connectivity is not only easy, it is also affordable. Moreover, you get to visit countless scientific exhibitions held almost every day.


Seoul is the hometown of big technology companies such as Samsung and LG. Not to mention, it is also the headquarters for almost every huge MMO game development company that we know of.

There are only a few other places in this world that can boast broadband penetration as deep as Seoul can. You will be amazed to see almost every other person operating their appliances and other devices with their smart phones. The cherry on the top is free wireless access on public trains and subways.

San Francisco

Tech lovers in the US don’t necessarily have to travel to Asia. The Silicon Valley lies right there in the heart of San Francisco. From Intel to Yahoo and from Apple to Google, almost every huge IT company proudly calls San Francisco its home.

The city’s continuous advancement is quite evident in almost everything. You get free Wi-Fi access and touch-screen maps in public transport. You also get to be a part of the tech fairs and exhibitions held around regularly.


Free Wi-Fi access throughout the city is just one of the reasons Singapore makes it on to the list. Singapore’s broadband penetration rate is among the highest and most impressive in the world right now. The government of Singapore seems to be as enthusiastic about technology as are the people. There have been constant efforts in taking broadband penetration to the next level and also to encourage the use of smart phones.


If you are not willing to travel all the way to Asia, Stockholm makes up for the perfect hi-tech destination in Europe. Just like Korea, people in Stockholm are huge gaming fanatics.  There are numerous gaming cafes in the city and you can get 24 Mbps internet for just $50 per month. Not to mention, the city is filled with incredibly beautiful sights and high quality restaurants.

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