Top 5 IPhone Apps For Serious Bloggers

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top iphone appsWeblogging, commonly referred to as blogging, first started to become popular with the creation of websites such as LiveJournal and Open Diary in the early 2000s, websites that allowed users to tell complete strangers about their days, lives and loves.

Over the last ten years, blogging has graduated from a simple day-by-day blow of a stranger’s life to a cultural phenomenon. Thousands of new blogs are created daily on millions of topics.

Serious bloggers blog in their niche several times a week, monetize their blogs and even use the top iPhone apps for bloggers to keep up while on the go.  Here are the top 5 iPhone Apps for serious bloggers.

WordPress For iPhone
WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet and now it has taken that popularity to the iPhone. The platform’s free iPhone app includes nearly all of the features that you would find on the traditional platform, including posting, editing previous posts and editing your website’s pages.

Reply to your comments, post photos and even bulk moderate posts and comments. The rotatable screen allows for comfortable typing and you can even add your location to your posts if you wish.

Many serious bloggers monetize their blogs by writing paid posts, reviewing products or adding ads to their sidebars or pages. Most of those bloggers are paid via the popular money exchange site called PayPal.

The PayPal iPhone app allows users to check their balances or withdraw and send money on a fast, reliable and free service. The convenient app also allows for viewing past transactions and finding local merchants that will accept PayPal.

Adobe Photoshop Express
In-the-know bloggers realize that adding a picture to your post makes the difference between ten readers and a hundred readers. However, posting any old picture just won’t work. For this reason, Adobe Photoshop Express makes it easy to crop, filter and apply special effects to pictures that you’ve snapped with your iPhone.

Add borders to make the picture look more professional and then save it to your phone to upload via the WordPress app. You can also email the pictures to people or post them to websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Don’t want to save all of them on your phone? Automatically sync your phone with your Photoshop.Com account to save them online.

Every popular blogger knows that they would probably not be where they are without networking. Twitter was once nothing more than a microblogging website but has now become an international phenomenon, used by bloggers to alert followers to new blog posts, Tweet about contests and keep up with their own favorite bloggers.

The free app allows you to search Tweets, view the top Tweets and keep up with trending topics. A map will even show you who is tweeting nearby. Share photos and videos and send messages to your followers all within one app.

BAM Analytics Pro
Any great blogger realizes that tracking your blog’s traffic is crucial to keep visitors coming in and money flowing in the right direction. BAM Analytics Pro is an iPhone app that allows you to see all of your Google Analytics information directly from your phone.

View your statistics graphically and then build and compare custom reports. More than 60 reports are available and include the option to analyze advanced segments. Visitor trending, traffic source and content are just some of the categories that you can view statistics on. The app will even allow you to view multiple Google accounts, all for a one-time fee of $4.99.

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