Top Audio Solutions That You Most Likely Can’t Afford

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Whether you are an audiophile or simply want the best of everything, the top audio solutions that you probably can’t afford will astound you. Here is a quick run-down of some of the audio solutions available – for a price.


Possibly the most visible part of any audio system is the speaker setup. While some people want to build in the speakers so that they aren’t so obvious, you won’t want to build them in if they are made of – GOLD! That’s right!

Arguably the most expensive set of speakers on the market today – and we say arguably because you know someone is trying to top it already – are manufactured by Shape Audio. Shaped somewhat like huge lava lamps, these babies are made of solid gold, and are offered for sale for only $7 MILLION dollars.

Actually, they cost $6,950,000, but what’s $50,000 to someone who can spend that much on speakers. Musical instruments made of gold are supposed to have almost mystical powers of resonance and overtones, so let’s hope that these speakers come through in that category, too.


Now, let’s look at amplifiers. Of course, the best speakers deserve the best amplifier, right. If you want an amplifier that resembles a time machine, check out the Opera One by Pivetta. This amp sells for a mere $650,000.

Let’s hope that the signal to noise ratio is worth it. The amp is supposed to have significant high ranges, with exceptional mid range and bass. Generally, you need to get your speakers before you buy an amp, so once you pay off your solid gold speakers, you can surely afford this amp.

However, it only produces 20,000 watts, so you may need two of them.


Every audiophile needs a high quality turntable. Of course, the debate continues over whether your turntable should be belt driven or direct drive, but either way, you certainly don’t want any noise from the turntable itself to interfere with your enjoyment of music.

Perhaps you prefer the manual turntable to an automatic one, so that you can manipulate the cueing more easily. Well, at another $650,000, the AV DesignHaus Dereneville should have all of these features. This turntable, in its royal blue and bronze – or is that gold – trim looks like an architectural marvel with Moorish influence.

The closest competitor, price-wise, is the Goldmund Reference II at less than half that price. At $300,000, the Goldmund, or at least the side view, looks like an artist’s rendering of the Ark of the Covenant.


No audio system is complete without a good set of headphones. Topping the list of over-the-top headphones are the Graff Diamonds’ Beats by Dr Dre. These diamond studded headphones top the scale at $1,000,000.

Of course, there is no word on whether or not this surplus of diamonds improves the auditory experience, but you’ll sure look sparkly when you use them!

So, there you have it. For a mere $9,250,000, you can have the top audio solutions you never dreamt you could have.

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