Top Tips for Keeping up With Your TV Online

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It can be hard to keep up with online TV watching. Given the sheer amount of different online channel players, from the BBC iPlayer to Channel 4OD and Sky Go, actually being able to watch everything you want each week is difficult. And that’s not even mentioning film and television streaming service like Netflix and Lovefilm. Having so much choice often means having to be a bit selective about what you watch, and recording things to go back to them later. Watch TV Online services can make it easier to handle these problems by aggregating different programmes, and work well alongside special features on players, as well as Catch Up services, and the chance to get into good viewing habits with the help of review sites and blogs.

1 – Make Use of Aggregation Sites

TV aggregation sites basically work by bringing together multiple legal streaming TV services under one roof. What this achieves is a better overview of listings and recent highlights that can be broken down by channel, by programme genre, and by your previous favourites. Having these sites is useful for not having to wade through a lot of material, and can provide good reminders of what to watch, and things that you may have missed.

2 – Make Use of ‘Favourites’ and ‘History’ Features

Streaming players are getting better all the time; they’re faster, more durable to crashing, and contain more content. One of the key features that should be used when watching TV online are shortlisting and favourite tools, as well as past history features. Shortlisting means that you can queue up titles to watch for that week, or at least until they are no longer available through the service. Favouriting shows for the week will also keep shows in view at the top of a player. History features are similarly useful, in the sense that they provide you with information on what you’ve started watching, or the series that you’ve watched in the past.

3 – Use Electronic Program Guides

Like the Radio Times and other magazines, electronic program guides can be found online and via channel players. Similar to the EPGs you see on digital televisions, these listings often provide both a breakdown of the daily schedule, and information on individual shows. Useful for setting up shows to record.

4 – Rely on Catch Up

Many people now skip live services to rely on a daily round of catch up television. Spending time checking new programmes each night or over the weekend means that you can enjoy your favourite shows in one go. Aggregation sites that put together the best shows of the week are useful, in this respect, for keeping you on top of shows. You can also download shows that you want to watch onto your desktop.

5 – Use Reviews and Blogs

Reviews and blogs are a good way of keeping up to date with shows. Whether these are just write ups and plot descriptions, or detailed reviews with comments, you can make online TV watching easier by filling in gaps, and by learning about when a show is set to air, and when it will be released on DVD or to download as a complete series.

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